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I've created this page with a table as an addendum to Talk:Chromium Browser#Telling_version_numbers_from_build_numbers. Since talk page entries should not be modified, then the table is better here.

I first created the table for my own use to tell where files supplied with only Chromium builds stand with regards to screenshots that actually do have their Chromium versions specified.

The table has not yet reached the desired level of completeness.
Note: Linked information was looked up

File Upload date Release date Build Version WebKit version Notes
GoogleTestShell.png 25.01.2009 24.01.2009 8613 525.13 [1] reports for 8613

[2] reports as of 8545

Chromium-Linux-preAlpha.png 08.05.2009 15652 530.9 [3] has a matching version number, [4] confirms.
Chromium Mac Trunk Build.gif 13.05.2009 12.05.2009 15907
Chromium26091.png 14.09.2009 13.09.2009 26091
Chromium web browser.PNG 08.12.2009 07.12.2009 33975