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Screenshots of Mozilla Sidebar[edit]

Note that these images were not authored by me, but it's a collection of images that each highlight a certain feature.

Other examples:

  • hsb:Dataja:Wikisuchehsbsm.png — Classic theme of what is possibly SeaMonkey 1.0.9 (-.x) or 1.1; Could be a candidate for transfer to Wikimedia Commons, if visuals and elements of proprietary software are removed, as the screenshot only shows a Wikipedia page)
  • eo:Dosiero:SeaMonkey-full-1152-864.png — Modern theme in what is possibly version 1.0; Cannot be a candidate for transfer to Commons, as it shows a copyrighted webpage, and removal of visuals and elements of proprietary software would not help.
  • en:File:Netscape 6.1.png — Netscape 6.1 (proprietary derivative of Mozilla Application Suite)

Other historical screenshots[edit]

<gallery> File:JavaGuidon.gif|Netscape 2.x or 3.x in Windows or Windows NT 3.x showing the Java plugin at work File:Webmin01.png|WebMin 0.80 in Netscape 4.7 on MandrakeLinux 7.0 File:About mozilla in Netscape7.1.png|about:mozilla in Netscape 7.1 File:Netscape 7.2 winXP.gif|Netscape 7.2 in Windows xp (currently in Commons) File:Netscape9 bookofmozilla.png|Book of Mozilla in Netscape 9 File:Netscapenavigator91beta5.jpg|Most likely Navigator 9.1 beta 5 </galleery>