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Many screenshot descriptions do not provide version information for either Firefox 1.0 and Firefox 1.5. As changes between both are minuscule on the surface, then this page should serve as a guide in distiguishing between the two major versions. (Just as well, visual differences are harder to tell between Firefox 3.5 and 3.6, and between Firefox 4.x and almost any version after that.)

The best way in beginning to tell apart any subtly-changed Firefox version is by checking the file upload date against the Firefox relase history.

Most people only use pre-packaged binaries, which are always released at a certain date, and screenshots of nightlies, alphas, betas, and release candidates are a minority.

Mac and Windows screenshots are more difficult to tell, because packages are separately installed.
Linux screenshots are easier to tell both by date and a number of other possible hints. The name and version of the distro is usually the best marker, given that the DistroWatch site has a very good database of which distro version had which version of Firefox. Most Linux users use pre-packaged binaries from repositories.

There are frequent use cases, when people use older versions well past the EOL phase; but at least for early screenshots, only a certain version is available before a cut-off date — For example, in 2004, Firefox 1.5 was just not published yet.

The hints on this page should serve as confirmation or contradiction as to which version is in use.

How to apply a version number in the description

If you're sure that a certain version number applies, you can use the following language:

  • "Firefox 1.x" for if you're not sure at all;
  • "Firefox 1.0" or "Firefox 1.5" in avoidance of point-release version numbers, as it's not always possible to tell an exact version number.
  • "...No later than Firefox 1.0.x/1.5.0.xx" — a specific version is only useful to tell, if other hints indicate a certain version for a distribution, which usually has a certain Firefox version packaged. At some point, some distros began packaging GNU IceWeasel 1.5 or Debian Iceweasel 1.5 (notice change in case), and then Debian Iceweasel 2.0+ and GNU IceCat 2.0+. GNU and Debian derviatives are code-compatible, but distinct in branding.

In conclusion, this page is or will not be in any way complete.


A comprehensive list of changes between 1.0 and 1.5 is here.

The bugs here are listed in the context of both what's new in 1.5, and what's wrong in 1.0.

Visual differences[edit]

  • Error pages instead of dialogs
  • When viewing a standalone image, its thumbnail is in the tab icon /rare use case with screenshots


These differences may be easier to notice, but only when shown

  • "Bookmark all tabs" in Bookmarks menu and right-click menu for tabs
  • "Clear Private Data" both in menu and Options
  • Options/Preferences UI Mac-like
  • Help > Report Broken Web Site
  • Shorter "Remember password" confirmation dialog
  • Keyboard accessibility fixes (might be menu underlines, needs checking out)
> In which languages? If the UI is non-English, then it's not easy to notice.
  • Many changes to Extension Manager (which?)

Harder to notice:[edit]

  • Missing borders for the progress bar with Classic theme on Windows. (FF1.0, noticed on Windows xp, may include Windows 2000, 9x)
Difference: /bevel included
The progress bar has borders with native classic widget on Windows in Ff1.5
/not seen unless in use
  • Wrong background for groupbox caption when used in tab panels
Note that this is most visible in Options/Preferences window in Firefox 1.0; since the UI for that window was completely changed, then it's almost a moot point.
  • New update notification UI — Only when active; Is it the green icon at the upper right part of the menu bar?
  • lookup changed to lookup /rare use case, only if visible
  • Action: Drag link to New Tab/New Window toolbar button /rare use case for screenshots: Requires that button to be visible
  • Bookmarks toolbar, if next to address bar, shrinks bookmarks (but not folders that precede them) at edge of window after window resize /rare use case [Ff1.0]
  • Wrong favicons appear on bookmarks for sites with no icon of their own. (FF1.0)
  • [Mac, Unix] Make XUL tabs focussable. Difference? /rare use case, but it's also been applied to Windows [Ff1.5 (image actually shows Mozilla)]
Tab focus has dotted outline; may be something else
  • Action: Drag-and-drop reordering of tabs (only seen with an arrow and only when active)
  • Firefox titlebar icon is the standard icon in Windows 95 and Windows 98 Gold (including the taskbar) (FF1.0; doesn't happen often)


  • Import home pages from other browsers at Firefox Start (dialog box; only if situation is present, rare use case for screenshots)
  • Installation: When choosing an alternative location via "Browse...", the filepicker "defaults" to ns_temp subfolder. (Only if situation is present; fixed in FF1.5)


These fixes apply to webpages

  • Different default font type for different languages (very hard to notice)
  • OpenType fonts with CCF are ignored (FF1.0, Windows 2000, XP; hard to distinguish)
Ways to tell apart:
  • FF1.0 defaults to the next TrueType font;
  • out-of-Firefox UI in the screenshot most likely shows smoothed fonts.
Characteristic to Windows, as other systems tend to apply font smoothing uniformly.
  • Scrollbars now appear disabled when nowhere to scroll (also w/Mac, but depends on usage)
Image: [Ff1.0]
  • CSS3 cursors, custom cursors (very rarely used)
  • -moz-outline-radius (rounded corners, I guess, rarely used at the time of release)
  • SVG support (rarely used at the time of release)
  • Translucent windows — not in Windows, where available, and very rare (Unix/X)


  • Dropped support for Mac OS X 10.1 - Means that 10.1 can't run Ff 1.5
  • Many Firefox themes break scrollbars on Mac /hard to distinguish; I don't use a Mac.
  • Menus non-functional when Tools (tool windows) have focus