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My name is Margaret Donald, and I have been interested for a few years now in identifying (and looking at) the plants I encounter in the bush. My first foray into the wiki world (apart from a monthly contribution to the ongoing viability of this amazing enterprise) was to upload some photos during a competition to encourage more contributors and contributions. And then I was away (editing in wikisource, wikispecies, wikimedia, wikipedia), contributing mainly in botany.

In the commons, I have been contributing plant photos, distribution maps, and old botanical illustrations.

Pages to return to[edit]

GBIF link to Butterflies of Singapore[edit]

Images uploaded[edit]


Some important pages for WLE 2021[edit]

  1. Participating countries in WLE2021 (commons)
  2. WLE 2021 Australia: landing page (commons)
  3. WLE2021in Australia: step by step instructions (on wikipedia)
  4. Category:Images from Wiki Loves Earth in Australia] (commons)
  5. Central Banner page for WLE2021
  6. Commons:Wiki Loves Earth 2021/CentralNotice
  7. Tabbed German Commons Organise WLE2021
  8. Tabbed dewiki: WLE2021
  9. dewiki: Banner
  10. Tabbed dewiki: WLE2021 Maps
  11. dewiki:Prejury links
  12. Morocco 2021 WLE Landing page
  13. Competition images
  14. Wiki Guidelines for writing banners
  15. Australian Prejury tool
  16. Australian Prejury tool: created selection for jury (admin choice from the prejury tool -accessible only after login)
  17. WDPA: Australian protected areas
  18. Query:Find WLE 2121 AU Images which have a depicts statement but no enwiki article for the Qitem
  19. This photo won the

    th prize at [[:en:Wikipedia:Wiki Loves Earth {{{year}}}/Australia|Wiki Loves Earth {{{year}}} in Australia]]

    The other winning images of {{{year}}}

    1. banner to consist of
      1. (as background)
      2. (at left & to fit) {{WLEAUBanner2022}}
      3. Australian flag 1
      4. (this image is not yet available for use)
      5. Had also hoped for an Australian aboriginal flag but it too is not possible: See
      6. or could look something like the German banner at:

    Other important WLE competition pages[edit]

    1. Organising WLE Monuments 2020
      1. Poidabro's invitation to participate in survey for WLE 2020
    2. Reverse image search
      1. tineye
      2. Google images reverse search
    3. Petscan query with uploader, date uploaded, imagename and other information about the [[:Category:Images from Wiki Loves Earth 2021 in Australia}images from wiki loves earth in Australia]] A CSV file will be saved when, under "Output", and under "Format", "CSV" is selected and the "Do it" button is pressed.
    4. Dashboard for WLE contributors
    5. Jury Tool Login: Password: 12345
    6. Images for judging
      1. Landscape images
      2. Species images
    7. Images for the very final judging
      1. Final Landscape images
      2. Final Species images
    8. Winners
      1. Category:Winners
      2. Gallery of Winners (form in which winners are submitted to the international competition)
      3. 2021 Winners from participating countries
      4. Google spreadsheet showing rankings
    9. Australian biota pages with no images (strictly speaking no wikidata image)
      1. Australian fauna pages which have no image (724 animals from the Australian Faunal directory, 27 October 2021)
      2. Queensland biota Queensland biota pages with no image (2385 Queensland plants & animals, 27 October 2021)
      3. APNI plants Plants with APNI ids (5758 plant pages with no image, 27 October 2021)
    10. WLE 2021 International winners

    Pages used in WLE 2022 AU[edit]

    1. Participating countries 2022
    2. Wiki Loves Earth 2022 in Australia
    3. Australian Central Banner 2022
    4. Access to WLX jury tool as admin password 12345
      1. Images from the final round
    5. German prejury tool
    6. Google docs used
      1. German legal notice for Prejury tool copied to ~/home/margaret/Documents/Umgang mit personenbezogenenen Daten im Rahmen von WLE Australia(1).odt
      2. Judges tasks and timing of all judging procedures
      3. Agenda May 5
      4. Agenda May 19
      5. Agenda May 31
      6. Judges tasks and meetings
      7. Impossible to list
      8. Institution Letter
      9. Agenda for judges meeting July 12 plus Margaret's speaking notes
      10. Agenda for judges meeting August 2 zoom meeting link
    7. Google spreadsheets used
      1. 2021 WLE AU contributors
      2. Institution list
      3. final spreadsheet (ordering from the final round)
      4. 2022-07 summary stats for five countries
    8. Winners
      1. Category:2022 Winners
      2. Gallery of 2022 Winners (form in which winners are submitted to the international competition)
      3. 2022 Winners from participating countries
    9. Partnership course
    10. Petscan query for WLE2022 And its google spreadsheet
    11. Report to Wikimedia Australia (14/09/2022) (google slide show)
      1. Further Comments on WLE AU

    Changes for WLE2022[edit]

    1. Wiki Loves Earth 2022 in Australia
    2. Australian Central Banner
    3. Proposed Rules for WLE 2022
    4. NZ Science Photo competition - Rules and explanations

    Other pages WLE AU 2022[edit]

    1. Event page WLE 2022 AU for metrics
    2. GLAM wiki dashboard
    3. This photo won the

      The other winning images of 2022

      The odd campaign or two[edit]

      1. Wiki for Human rights
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