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Marshall Sovannara "Marshalldaballer" Lim (born May 6, 1992) is a comedian and a entertainer from the popular website YouTube[1] [2]. Marshall says "I use to be Youtube famous (unknown reason my old account has been deleted) and hopefully I get all my fans and all the people who subscribe my videos back." Being popular again very slowly Marshall added a video of him "Marshall's Abs?"[3] that's getting about 50-100 views a day, and he got other random and hilarious videos of him. Getting crazy adds on Myspace [4] and Facebook[5] and even on Twitter [6], Marshall try's to add videos on Youtube everyday.

In his high school years (Ironwood High School, Glendale, Arizona) from freshman and sophomore year of being skinny to junior and senior year of having a physique body and winning best physique as a senior class of 2010. Marshall used comedy as a means to handle being made fun during his freshman and sophomore year about his body. Marshall Lim says. "If your skinny and not having a nice body you're not going to be the most popular guy in high school." During summer of 2007 I was just thinking of going to the gym and work hard and hopefully it paid off, surely enough it did.