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United States
District of Columbia
State of Maryland
Commonwealth of Virginia

Greetings. I am "Maryland Pride". I currently reside in the United States in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

I am a moderate user of Wikipedia and Wikicommons, and my primary reasons for use of either site, is to obtain information and for light research or recreational informative purposes.

Most of my contributions to the site directly relate to people, places, and events involving the Washington, DC-area, but occasionally include other purposes. I have upload a few pictures for use in articles on Wikipedia that are linked to Wikipedia either through direct upload or through Wikicommons. Please feel free to enjoy and use my pictures, as long as you cite that, I, am the original creator of the photographs.

If for any reason, you feel the need to contact me, I can be reached via e-mail at: or also through my discussion/talk pages.

Thank You.

--Maryland Pride (talk) 23:43, 11 February 2010 (UTC)