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I make svg maps

Top 200 map images that should use vector graphics

All images in this gallery could be re-created using vector graphics as SVG files. This has several advantages; see Commons:Media for cleanup for more information. If an SVG form of this image is available, please upload it and afterwards replace this template with {{vector version available|new image name}}.

Maryrose W. Beisser

Born on October 15, 1964

    • If anyone wants to translate the texts in the SVGs i converted from png and jpg in his language, there links in the discussion page on some of the files.


text 1 text 2 text 3 text 4 text 5

Some of my files[edit]

Ancient Greece[edit]

Ancient Thrace[edit]

Ancient Illyria[edit]

Ancient Adriatic Coast[edit]

Ancient Paeonia[edit]

Ancient Dardania[edit]


Celts, Gauls[edit]

Roman Republic & Empire[edit]