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  • GLAMorous track of Commons images used on other projects
  • GLAMorous 2
  • GLAMorgan shows the view number of pages that include files from a specific Commons category. Human views only, article namespace only.

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  • Wiki URL shortener
  • Attribution Generator (EN) license information for images from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons
  • Ephemeral,_lost,_forgotten.pdf Ephemeral, lost, forgotten presentation by Contraexemplo, 2019
  • VideoCutTool helps users to edit videos in commons and also converts MP4 videos on the user's device to Wikimedia Commons accepted formats (i.e WebM/OGV) and upload/re-upload them to Commons on-the-fly.
    • install as a gadget in Wikimedia Commons. Preferences -> Gadgets -> Check on VideoCutTool -> Save
  • CropTool is a tool for cropping images at Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia sites