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Torsten Nilsson, Swedish Air Force Museum

Torsten Nilsson, Swedish Air Force Museum, Linköping, Sweden

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The Swedish Air Force Museum, Flygvapenmuseum, in Linköping reflects the development of the Swedish military aviation from the early pioneers to the present day.

The museum is located at Malmen, west of Linkoping, an area that at the end of the 16th century was used as a training field. It was here that Sweden's first aviator Carl Cederström opened the country's first flying school in 1912.

The museum's extensive collection of objects includes aircraft, engines, instruments, uniforms and other articles used in military aviation. The knowledge centre with library and archives holds literature, magazines, drawings, photographs and personal documents about aviation.

The museum is part of The National Swedish Museums of Military History. Behind the formation of the Swedish Air Force Museum is, among others, Östergötland Aviation Historical Societiy, ÖFS. Today, ÖFS operates as a support organization for the museum and works for example with restoration of aircraft.