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Hello, This pages describes my graduation project:

  1. The graduation project is held by user:Matanya and my colleague Nati Ledermann. It is mentored by Prof. Ron Berger.
  2. The goal of the project is to donate as much files as possible to commons, preferably in a viral way, We get the grade based on user engagement.

How to help?[edit]

  1. you may only upload files you own!
  2. Every file uploaded through this link counts.
  3. if you prefer to upload your files in other method but still help out, add this template to your upload: {{matanya's graduation project inside}}.

Please help by spreading the link to this page.

The project will be open until September 2, 2012. Images uploaded so far are in this category. matanya talk 02:41, 26 August 2012 (UTC)