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I live in Tenerife. I've worked editing some Wikipedia articles, but mainly I've contributed with photographs, although in many cases people have found my photos online and have used themselves, it is great to feel useful. In the future I would like to write and improve articles.

Since I met the Creative Commons, I really believe on Free Culture.

I like photography. I maintain a database of Creative Commons licensed photos on Flickr, mostly related to Tenerife, Canary Islands, and the topics that interest me: the heritage, art, social conflicts. Here is the page with the albums, you can also search through my Collections. If you need any photo you can't find there, let me know and Iĺl try.

Internet user since 1995, some projects remain online, some older, others abandoned. A paused project is the comic series Espinita (english). This year 2020 I'm working on some photographic projects.

Otherwise you can explore Liferfe, my place.

My email address:

Detail from Limb of books, a story of Espinita