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Categories created by me\Counting, part 6 (c. 5,000 to 5,999)

part of Mattes/Contributions/Categories created

this continues User:Mattes/Categories created/Counting/5


  1. Category:Front views of men in art
  2. Category:15th-century oil on panel paintings in Austria
  3. Category:Noah's Ark in paintings
  4. Category:1520s paintings from Spain
  5. Category:Religious painting by decade
  6. Category:Paintings of Holy Family in Spain
  7. Category:1590s religious paintings
  8. Category:1580s religious paintings
  9. Category:1570s religious paintings
  10. Category:1560s religious paintings
  11. Category:1550s religious paintings
  12. Category:1540s religious paintings
  13. Category:1530s religious paintings
  14. Category:1520s religious paintings
  15. Category:1510s religious paintings
  16. Category:1500s religious paintings
  17. Category:Residential buildings in Switzerland
  18. Category:19th-century oil on panel paintings in Italy
  19. Category:19th-century religious paintings in Austria
  20. Category:1840s paintings from Spain
  21. Category:1870s paintings from Spain
  22. Category:1890s paintings from Spain
  23. Category:1850s paintings from Spain
  24. Category:1830s paintings from Spain
  25. Category:1870 mythological paintings
  26. Category:1860 mythological paintings
  27. Category:1850 mythological paintings
  28. Category:1840 mythological paintings
  29. Category:1830 mythological paintings
  30. Category:1820 mythological paintings
  31. Category:1800 mythological paintings
  32. Category:19th-century women looking at viewer in art
  33. Category:18th-century women looking at viewer in art
  34. Category:17th-century women looking at viewer in art
  35. Category:Orpheus and Eurydice
  36. Category:Images from tumblr
  37. Category:1540s watercolor paintings
  38. Category:Videos from Florence
  39. Category:1570s watercolor paintings
  40. Category:1520s watercolor paintings
  41. Category:1510s watercolor paintings
  42. Category:1580s watercolor paintings
  43. Category:Quinta da Penha de França Mar
  44. Category:Clothing of Ghana
  45. Category:Brown and yellow clothing
  46. Category:Binational relationships (interpersonal)
  47. Category:Collection of the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (Dresden)
  48. Category:Harlowton, Montana
  49. Category:Idealistic portraits
  50. Category:Croupiers
  51. Category:GEWOFAG
  52. Category:15th-century religious paintings in Portugal
  53. Category:Giovanni Ottaviani
  54. Category:17th-century paintings in the Museu de Arte Sacra do Funchal
  55. Category:18th-century paintings of Saint John the Evangelist
  56. Category:1460s paintings in France
  57. Category:1450s paintings in France
  58. Category:Deutsche Bundespost vehicles
  59. Category:Ogg files of of classical music for piano
  60. Category:1690 paintings in Italy
  61. Category:1680 paintings in Italy
  62. Category:Paintings of Bacchus
  63. Category:Christopher K. Greca
  64. Category:Flags with watercraft
  65. Category:Flags with boats
  66. Category:Invicta Watch Group
  67. Category:Scanned with HP PhotoSmart C5280
  68. Category:Gallery pages of law enforcement
  69. Category:Waterfronts in Germany
  70. Category:Gallery pages about visual arts
  71. Category:Ban Dung District
  72. Category:Gallery pages of vehicles
  73. Category:Gallery pages of technology
  74. Category:14th-century religious paintings in Italy
  75. Category:Charles Wynne Nicholls
  76. Category:17th-century orientalist paintings
  77. Category:18th-century orientalist paintings
  78. Category:19th-century orientalist paintings
  79. Category:Gallery pages of Israel
  80. Category:Murals in Munich
  81. Category:Baroque religious paintings in France
  82. Category:Shop interiors in Austria
  83. Category:People at fountains in art
  84. Category:Gallery pages of composers
  85. Category:Gallery pages of people
  86. Category:Paintings of the Passion of Christ in France
  87. Category:Gallery pages of Germany
  88. Category:1490s paintings from Germany
  89. Category:1490s paintings in Switzerland
  90. Category:Gallery pages of signs
  91. Category:Gothic religious paintings
  92. Category:Paintings of the descent from the Cross in Germany
  93. Category:19th-century paintings of the descent from the Cross
  94. Category:Paintings of the descent from the Cross in France
  95. Category:Paintings of the descent from the Cross in Spain
  96. Category:18th-century oil on panel paintings in Spain
  97. Category:18th-century oil on panel paintings in Italy
  98. Category:Italian paintings in the Uffizi Gallery
  99. Category:Gallery pages of museums and collections
  100. Category:Gallery pages about artists
  101. Category:15th-century oil paintings in Belgium
  102. Category:Paintings of Virgin Mary in Belgium
  103. Category:People at the beach in India
  104. Category:Illuminated buildings in China
  105. Category:Trailers in Russia
  106. Category:18th-century religious paintings in the United Kingdom
  107. Category:Prestissimo
  108. Category:1646 paintings in France
  109. Category:1647 paintings in France
  110. Category:1857 paintings in Germany
  111. Category:Flags with owls
  112. Category:Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ71
  113. Category:Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ71
  114. Category:Flags with reptiles
  115. Category:Flags with kangaroos
  116. Category:1690s paintings in the Prado Museum
  117. Category:1680s paintings in the Prado Museum
  118. Category:1670s paintings in the Prado Museum
  119. Category:1660s paintings in the Prado Museum
  120. Category:1650s paintings in the Prado Museum
  121. Category:1640s paintings in the Prado Museum
  122. Category:1630s paintings in the Prado Museum
  123. Category:1620s paintings in the Prado Museum
  124. Category:1610s paintings in the Prado Museum
  125. Category:1600s paintings in the Prado Museum
  126. Category:Pachora Railway Station
  127. Category:Pachora
  128. Category:Paintings of Mary Magdalene in Russia
  129. Category:17th-century paintings of Noli me tangere
  130. Category:Portraits holding feathers
  131. Category:19th-century paintings in the Hermitage
  132. Category:Paintings of Jesus Christ in Russia
  133. Category:18th-century paintings in the Hermitage
  134. Category:17th-century paintings in the Hermitage
  135. Category:16th-century paintings in the Hermitage
  136. Category:15th-century paintings in the Hermitage
  137. Category:Paintings in the Hermitage by century
  138. Category:Paintings of Virgin Mary in Austria
  139. category:1701-1750 paintings in private collections
  140. Category:Breitenbach (Dietersburg)
  141. Category:Giacomo Adolfi
  142. Category:19th-century paintings of angels with humans
  143. Category:18th-century paintings of angels with humans
  144. Category:17th-century paintings of angels with humans
  145. Category:16th-century paintings of angels with humans
  146. Category:15th-century paintings of angels with humans
  147. Category:Motorcycles in Portugal
  148. Category:18th-century paintings of the Pietà
  149. Category:18th-century frescos in Bavaria
  150. Category:China in the 1750s
  151. Category:Taubenstein
  152. Category:Cableways in Bavaria
  153. Category:Males with helicopters
  154. Category:Musée municipal de La Roche-sur-Yon
  155. Category:Freistaat Bayern signs
  156. Category:Sculptures of women in Germany
  157. Category:Kaulbach, Wilhelm von — Die Zerstörung Jerusalems durch Titus
  158. Category:Ramberg, Arthur Georg von — Der Hof Kaiser Friedrichs II. zu Palermo
  159. Category:Piloty Carl Theodor von—Seni vor der Leiche Wallensteins
  160. Category:1860s paintings in Bavaria
  161. Category:1850s paintings in Bavaria
  162. Category:1840s paintings in Bavaria
  163. Category:1830s paintings in Bavaria
  164. Category:1820s paintings in Bavaria
  165. Category:1810s paintings in Bavaria
  166. Category:1800s paintings in Bavaria
  167. Category:2014 at Hanover/Langenhagen International AirportCategory:2014 at Hannover Airport
  168. Category:Building interiors in Hannover
  169. Category:Road transport in Braunschweig
  170. Category:Police buildings in Germany
  171. Category:People with baskets in art
  172. Category:Augsburger Wunderzeichenbuch
  173. Category:Brown and white signs
  174. Category:Dog cages
  175. Category:Cremations in Germany
  176. Category:Tierheim München
  177. Category:Males with beverages
  178. Category:Females with beverages
  179. Category:16th-century oil paintings in the United States
  180. Category:16th-century paintings of putti
  181. Category:Religious figures in nature
  182. Category:1510s paintings in private collections
  183. Category:1590s paintings in private collections
  184. Category:1580s paintings in private collections
  185. Category:1570s paintings in private collections
  186. Category:1560s paintings in private collections
  187. Category:1550s paintings in private collections
  188. Category:1540s paintings in private collections
  189. Category:1530s paintings in private collections
  190. Category:1520s paintings in private collections
  191. Category:1510s paintings in private collections
  192. Category:1500s paintings in private collections
  193. Category:1590s mythological paintings
  194. Category:1580s mythological paintings
  195. Category:1570s mythological paintings
  196. Category:1560s mythological paintings
  197. Category:1550s mythological paintings
  198. Category:1540s mythological paintings
  199. Category:1530s mythological paintings
  200. Category:1520s mythological paintings
  201. Category:1510s mythological paintings
  202. Category:1500s mythological paintings
  203. Category:17th-century paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  204. Category:Winged figures on the ground
  205. Category:Building inscriptions in the United States
  206. Category:Paintings of churches in Italy
  207. Category:People at the beach in Germany
  208. Category:1790s mythological paintings
  209. Category:1780s mythological paintings
  210. Category:1770s mythological paintings
  211. Category:1760s mythological paintings
  212. Category:1750s mythological paintings
  213. Category:1740s mythological paintings
  214. Category:1730s mythological paintings
  215. Category:1720s mythological paintings
  216. Category:1710s mythological paintings
  217. Category:1700s mythological paintings
  218. Category:Städtisches Museum Rosenheim
  219. Category:Paintings of Mary Magdalene in Spain
  220. Category:18th-century rural life in painting
  221. Category:Venice in the 1760s
  222. Category:Venice in the 1790s
  223. Category:1890s paintings in private collections
  224. Category:1880s paintings in private collections
  225. Category:1870s paintings in private collections
  226. Category:1860s paintings in private collections
  227. Category:1850s paintings in private collections
  228. Category:1840s paintings in private collections
  229. Category:1830s paintings in private collections
  230. Category:1810s paintings in private collections
  231. Category:1800s paintings in private collections
  232. Category:1790s paintings in private collections
  233. Category:1780s paintings in private collections
  234. Category:1770s paintings in private collections
  235. Category:1760s paintings in private collections
  236. Category:1750s paintings in private collections
  237. Category:1740s paintings in private collections
  238. Category:1730s paintings in private collections
  239. Category:1720s paintings in private collections
  240. Category:1710s paintings in private collections
  241. Category:1700s paintings in private collections
  242. Category:Rusty rolling stock
  243. Category:Blue headwear in art
  244. Category:18th-century paintings of John the Baptist
  245. Category:Samuel Dunn
  246. Category:People at the beach in Israel
  247. Category:Maps with figures
  248. Category:People at the beach in Brazil
  249. Category:Paintings by Lucas Cranach the Younger
  250. Category:Deutscher Segler-Verband
  251. Category:Women with swords
  252. Category:Paintings of humans with animals
  253. Category:Francesco Ruschi
  254. Category:Bathing nymphs in art
  255. Category:Palazzo Zenobio, Venice
  256. Category:Arbours
  257. Category:People with water in art (non-contact)
  258. Category:People at tables
  259. Category:Paintings by Giuseppe Maria Crespi
  260. Category:King Porus
  261. Category:1660s mythological paintings
  262. Category:Filippo Teodoro di Liagno
  263. Category:1680s mythological paintings
  264. Category:1860s paintings in Belgium
  265. Category:1880s paintings in Belgium
  266. Category:18th-century religious paintings in Belgium
  267. Category:Images from Christie's
  268. Category:1890s paintings in Belgium
  269. Category:1870s paintings in Belgium
  270. Category:People standing on others
  271. Category:1690s mythological paintings
  272. Category:1670s mythological paintings
  273. Category:People with waterfalls
  274. Category:19th-century religious paintings in Spain
  275. Category:Baroque religious paintings in Germany
  276. Category:1620s paintings in Hesse
  277. Category:Shipley Art Gallery
  278. Category:Casper Casteleyn
  279. Category:1600s mythological paintings
  280. Category:1600s mythological paintings
  281. Category:1600s mythological paintings
  282. Category:1600s mythological paintings
  283. Category:1600s mythological paintings
  284. Category:1850s paintings in Belgium
  285. Category:1840s paintings in Belgium
  286. Category:1830s paintings in Belgium
  287. Category:1820s paintings in Belgium
  288. Category:1810s paintings in Belgium
  289. Category:1800s paintings in Belgium
  290. Category:Charles-Théodore Frère
  291. Category:Orientalist paintings in Russia
  292. Category:1826 paintings in Germany
  293. Category:19th-century religious paintings in Belgium
  294. Category:Museum signs in Germany
  295. Category:Sound installations
  296. Category:Pink buildings in Germany
  297. Category:Green buildings in Germany
  298. Category:Max-Josefs-Platz (Rosenheim)
  299. Category:Meister der Heiligen Sippe der Ältere
  300. Category:Annunziata (Antonello da Messina)
  301. Category:Auguste Raynaud
  302. Category:Moonlight in paintings
  303. Category:Bureau Veritas
  304. Category:Original painting frames
  305. Category:People at the beach in Italy
  306. Category:Paintings by Raffaello Sanzio in the Alte Pinakothek
  307. Category:Red buildings in Germany
  308. Category:Thieves in art
  309. Category:Green and white buildings
  310. Category:Private collections in Germany
  311. Category:Trinquesse, Louis-Rolland – Divertissement musical – 1774
  312. Category:Internet cafés in Germany
  313. Category:Police signs in the Thailand
  314. Category:Government buildings in Swabia (Bavaria)
  315. Category:Assemblage nouveau des manouvrier habilles
  316. Category:19th-century religious paintings in Italy
  317. Category:Robert Bateman
  318. Category:19th-century paintings of New Testament
  319. Category:1850s paintings from Italy
  320. Category:1840s paintings from Italy
  321. Category:1830s paintings from Italy
  322. Category:1820s paintings from Italy
  323. Category:1810s paintings from Italy
  324. Category:1800s paintings from Italy
  325. Category:Shops in Lörrach
  326. Category:Alexandre Hesse
  327. Category:Reading women
  328. Category:15th-century paintings of musicians
  329. Category:1480s paintings from Poland
  330. Category:1490s paintings from Poland
  331. Category:Men reading in art
  332. Category:Silver painting frames
  333. Category:Still-life paintings of musical instruments
  334. Category:1700s paintings from Spain
  335. Category:Dokumentation Obersalzberg
  336. Category:Kanzelwandbahn
  337. Category:Paul Lautensack
  338. Category:Edelweissstraße (Munich)
  339. Category:Open air restaurant and café areas in Israel
  340. Category:Bloggif
  341. Category:Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ41
  342. Category:Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ41
  343. Category:Photographs of religious flags
  344. Category:Blue_buildings_in_Germany
  345. Category:Kapellplatz_(Altötting)
  346. Category:Oriel_windows_in_Germany
  347. Category:Altmühldorf
  348. Category:Desks_in_Germany
  349. Category:Unwrapping
  350. Category:Service_counters_in_Germany
  351. Category:Fictional_museums
  352. Category:Ruffs in art (female)
  353. Category:Spanish paintings in Spain
  354. Category:Death of Mary Magdalene
  355. Category:Paintings of the flagellation of Jesus Christ in Germany
  356. Category:Open air restaurant and café areas in Germany
  357. Category:Dommuseum Salzburg
  358. Category:Signs in Salzburg
  359. Category:Images from reproarte
  360. Category:Verkehrsverbund Tirol
  361. Category:Paintings of Jesus Christ in Poland
  362. Category:Saint Longinus (Bernini)
  363. Category:Angels with coat of arms
  364. Category:Ruffs in art (male)
  365. Category:17th-century portrait paintings in Switzerland
  366. Category:16th-century portrait paintings in Switzerland
  367. Category:Glungezerbahn
  368. Category:Zirbenweg (Tuxer Alpen)
  369. Category:Signs in Innsbruck
  370. Category:Signs in Tyrol
  371. Category:Religious paintings in Italy
  372. Category:Paintings of Holy Family in Italy
  373. Category:16th-century oil on panel paintings in Switzerland
  374. Category:17th-century paintings of the Pietà
  375. Category:16th-century paintings of the Pietà
  376. Category:16th-century portrait paintings in Belgium
  377. Category:Grabbing clothes
  378. Category:Stadtmauer (Kempten im Allgäu)
  379. Category:Paintings of Jesus Christ in the United States
  380. Category:Men writing
  381. Category:Tablecloths in green
  382. Category:Rummers in art
  383. Category:Tablecloths in blue
  384. Category:Metal jugs
  385. Category:Burning candles
  386. Category:16th-century still life paintings of flowers
  387. Category:Glass bottles in art
  388. Category:Salt containers (tableware)
  389. Category:Paintings of Crucifixion of Christ in Germany
  390. Category:1500s landscape paintings
  391. Category:Paintings of Saint Peter in France
  392. Category:Panoramic videos (360°)
  393. Category:Green dragons
  394. Category:Untermarkt (Murnau am Staffelsee)
  395. Category:Obermarkt (Murnau am Staffelsee)
  396. Category:Schloss Murnau
  397. Category:Flags with coconuts
  398. Category:Humans on clouds
  399. Category:Icebreakers on stamps
  400. Category:Sculptures of Zeus
  401. Category:540s BC bronzes
  402. Category:Etruscan antiquities in the Staatliche Antikensammlungen
  403. Category:Paintings of Pegasus
  404. Category:Fire departments of companies
  405. Category:Guglielmi, Gregorio — Der Handel verbindet die Erdteile
  406. Category:Festsaal im Schaezlerpalais
  407. Category:Milchberg (Augsburg)
  408. Category:Pit-Pat
  409. Category:Maximilianstraße (Augsburg)
  410. Category:Signs in Augsburg
  411. Category:Maximilianmuseum (Augsburg)
  412. Category:Overhead luggage bins
  413. Category:Signs in Nepal
  414. Category:1850s paintings in the Louvre
  415. Category:1840s paintings in the Louvre
  416. Category:1830s paintings in the Louvre
  417. Category:1820s paintings in the Louvre
  418. Category:1810s paintings in the Louvre
  419. Category:1800s paintings in the Louvre
  420. Category:Portraits with cityscapes
  421. Category:18th-century religious paintings in Poland
  422. Category:Alpenplatz (Munich)
  423. Category:18th-century paintings of the Flight into Egypt
  424. Category:15th-century paintings of the Flight into Egypt
  425. Category:18th-century religious paintings in Russia
  426. Category:19th-century paintings from Poland
  427. Category:Paintings from Russia by decade
  428. Category:19th-century religious paintings in Russia
  429. Category:1890s paintings from Russia
  430. Category:1880s paintings from Russia
  431. Category:1870s paintings from Russia
  432. Category:1860s paintings from Russia
  433. Category:1850s paintings from Russia
  434. Category:1840s paintings from Russia
  435. Category:1830s paintings from Russia
  436. Category:1820s paintings from Russia
  437. Category:1810s paintings from Russia
  438. Category:1800s paintings from Russia
  439. Category:1890s paintings from Poland
  440. Category:1880s paintings from Poland
  441. Category:1870s paintings from Poland
  442. Category:1860s paintings from Poland
  443. Category:1850s paintings from Poland
  444. Category:1840s paintings from Poland
  445. Category:1830s paintings from Poland
  446. Category:1820s paintings from Poland
  447. Category:1810s paintings from Poland
  448. Category:1800s paintings from Poland
  449. Category:1790s paintings from Poland
  450. Category:1780s paintings from Poland
  451. Category:1770s paintings from Poland
  452. Category:1760s paintings from Poland
  453. Category:1750s paintings from Poland
  454. Category:1740s paintings from Poland
  455. Category:1730s paintings from Poland
  456. Category:1720s paintings from Poland
  457. Category:1710s paintings from Poland
  458. Category:1700s paintings from Poland
  459. Category:17th-century paintings of Christ and the adultress
  460. Category:Paintings of putti in Siena
  461. Category:Symbolist paintings in Germany
  462. Category:17th-century paintings of Assumption of Mary
  463. Category:16th-century paintings of Assumption of Mary
  464. Category:Night in Turkmenistan
  465. Category:Brown curtains in art
  466. Category:Black and red clothing in art, male
  467. Category:Black and red clothing in art, female
  468. Category:Black and red clothing in art
  469. Category:1790s paintings in the Louvre
  470. Category:1780s paintings in the Louvre
  471. Category:1770s paintings in the Louvre
  472. Category:1760s paintings in the Louvre
  473. Category:1750s paintings in the Louvre
  474. Category:1740s paintings in the Louvre
  475. Category:1730s paintings in the Louvre
  476. Category:1720s paintings in the Louvre
  477. Category:1710s paintings in the Louvre
  478. Category:1700s paintings in the Louvre
  479. Category:People in parks in art
  480. Category:Black and white clothing in art, female
  481. Category:Brown curtains
  482. Category:Yellow curtains
  483. Category:Black curtains
  484. Category:Black and white clothing in art, male
  485. Category:Black and white clothing in art
  486. Category:Paintings of Virgin Mary in the United States
  487. Category:White textiles in art
  488. Category:White cushions in art
  489. Category:Bicolor clothing in art
  490. Category:White helmets
  491. Category:Blue and white clothing in art
  492. Category:16th-century oil paintings in Poland
  493. Category:17th-century oil on canvas paintings in Australia
  494. Category:Angels with crosses
  495. Category:Rome in the 1790s
  496. Category:Rome in the 1720s
  497. Category:Rome in the 1700s
  498. Category:Rome in the 1540s
  499. Category:Rome in the 1510s
  500. Category:Rome in the 1520s
  501. Category:Religious paintings in the Netherlands
  502. Category:Angels in Vatican City
  503. Category:Paintings of angels in Bologna
  504. Category:1570s landscape paintings
  505. Category:1540s landscape paintings
  506. Category:1560s landscape paintings
  507. Category:1580s landscape paintings
  508. Category:1550s landscape paintings
  509. Category:1550s landscape paintings
  510. Category:1530s landscape paintings
  511. Category:Triumph of David
  512. Category:1590s paintings in the Louvre
  513. Category:1580s paintings in the Louvre
  514. Category:1570s paintings in the Louvre
  515. Category:1560s paintings in the Louvre
  516. Category:1550s paintings in the Louvre
  517. Category:1540s paintings in the Louvre
  518. Category:1530s paintings in the Louvre
  519. Category:1520s paintings in the Louvre
  520. Category:1510s paintings in the Louvre
  521. Category:1500s paintings in the Louvre
  522. Category:Baroque paintings of Christ
  523. Category:Green cushions in art
  524. Category:Orange clothing in art, female
  525. Category:Orange clothing in art, male
  526. Category:Pink textiles
  527. Category:Gray textiles in art
  528. Category:Gray textiles
  529. Category:16-century paintings of angels
  530. Category:17th-century paintings of putti
  531. Category:16th-century sailing ships in paintings
  532. Category:Baroque paintings of angels
  533. Category:Paintings in Udine
  534. Category:19th-century sailing ships in paintings
  535. Category:18th-century sailing ships in paintings
  536. Category:Angels pointing up
  537. Category:17th-century sailing ships in paintings
  538. Category:Cityscape paintings from Italy
  539. Category:17th-century paintings of Adam and Eve
  540. Category:Putti with banners
  541. Category:Paintings of Virgin Mary in France
  542. Category:Green and pink clothing
  543. Category:Angels looking down
  544. Category:1690s paintings from Poland
  545. Category:1680s paintings from Poland
  546. Category:1670s paintings from Poland
  547. Category:1660s paintings from Poland
  548. Category:1650s paintings from Poland
  549. Category:1640s paintings from Poland
  550. Category:1630s paintings from Poland
  551. Category:1620s paintings from Poland
  552. Category:1610s paintings from Poland
  553. Category:1600s paintings from Poland
  554. Category:17th-century paintings from Poland
  555. Category:1590s paintings from Poland
  556. Category:1580s paintings from Poland
  557. Category:1570s paintings from Poland
  558. Category:1560s paintings from Poland
  559. Category:1550s paintings from Poland
  560. Category:1540s paintings from Poland
  561. Category:1530s paintings from Poland
  562. Category:1520s paintings from Poland
  563. Category:1510s paintings from Poland
  564. Category:1500s paintings from Poland
  565. Category:16th-century paintings from Poland
  566. Category:Paintings from Poland by decade
  567. Category:Baroque paintings of the New Testament
  568. Category:Paintings of putti in Belgium
  569. Category:Paintings of putti in Austria
  570. Category:Triumph of Galatea
  571. Category:Sankt Alban-Rheinweg, Basel
  572. Category:Unidentified buildings in Switzerland
  573. Category:Black textiles in art
  574. Category:Black textiles
  575. Category:Mowag ambulances
  576. Category:Buildings of the federal government of Germany in Bavaria
  577. Category:Buildings of the federal government of Germany in Baden-Württemberg
  578. Category:Still-life paintings of dead birds
  579. Category:Still life paintings with living birds
  580. Category:Peeled lemons in art
  581. Category:Still-life paintings of glassware
  582. Category:Blue and red clothing in art
  583. Category:Brown textiles in art
  584. Category:Feathered helmets in art
  585. Category:Feathered helmets
  586. Category:Red cushions in art
  587. Category:1690s paintings in the Louvre
  588. Category:1670s paintings in the Louvre
  589. Category:1660s paintings in the Louvre
  590. Category:1610s paintings in the Louvre
  591. Category:1600s paintings in the Louvre
  592. Category:Baroque paintings of the Old Testament
  593. Category:Orange textiles in art
  594. Category:People and ruins in paintings
  595. Category:Rome in the 1650s
  596. Category:Rome in the 1620s
  597. Category:Rome in the 1640s
  598. Category:Rome in the 1610s
  599. Category:18th-century religious paintings in the Netherlands
  600. Category:18th-century religious paintings in the United States
  601. Category:18th-century religious paintings in Austria
  602. Category:15th-century oil on canvas paintings in the United States
  603. Category:Rome in the 1630s
  604. Category:Religious painters from France
  605. Category:Rome in the 1680s
  606. Category:Open books in art
  607. Category:1651-1700 paintings in private collections
  608. Category:1601-1650 paintings in private collections
  609. Category:2013 stamps of Germany
  610. Category:17th-century oil on panel paintings in Switzerland
  611. Category:Brothels in art
  612. Category:1690s paintings in private collections
  613. Category:1680s paintings in private collections
  614. Category:1670s paintings in private collections
  615. Category:1660s paintings in private collections
  616. Category:1650s paintings in private collections
  617. Category:1640s paintings in private collections
  618. Category:1630s paintings in private collections
  619. Category:1620s paintings in private collections
  620. Category:1610s paintings in private collections
  621. Category:1600s paintings in private collections
  622. Category:17th-century still life paintings of food
  623. Category:Paintings of putti in Poland
  624. Category:Concerts of birds (painting motif)
  625. Category:17th-century portrait paintings in Belgium
  626. Category:Mythological figures in nature
  627. Category:Mythology figures
  628. Category:17th-century paintings of Last Supper
  629. Category:Paintings of Last Supper in France
  630. Category:1690s paintings in Belgium
  631. Category:1680s paintings in Belgium
  632. Category:1670s paintings in Belgium
  633. Category:1660s paintings in Belgium
  634. Category:1650s paintings in Belgium
  635. Category:1640s paintings in Belgium
  636. Category:1630s paintings in Belgium
  637. Category:1620s paintings in Belgium
  638. Category:1610s paintings in Belgium
  639. Category:1600s paintings in Belgium
  640. Category:Images from
  641. Category:Paintings of angels in the Netherlands
  642. Category:16th-century paintings of musicians
  643. Category:17th-century paintings of musicians
  644. Category:Paintings of angels in the Netherlands
  645. Category:16th-century paintings of musicians
  646. Category:17th-century paintings of musicians
  647. Category:Couples looking at viewer in art
  648. Category:Couples looking at viewer
  649. Category:Paintings of putti in the Netherlands
  650. Category:17th-century paintings of Baptism of Jesus Christ
  651. Category:Paintings of angels in Poland
  652. Category:16th-century paintings in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
  653. Category:18th-century paintings in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
  654. Category:21th-century paintings, location missing
  655. Category:17th-century oil on canvas paintings in Switzerland
  656. Category:15th-century religious paintings in Hungary
  657. Category:Paintings of angels in the United Kingdom
  658. Category:Putti with flowers
  659. Category:1790s frescos in Italy
  660. Category:1780s frescos in Italy
  661. Category:1770s frescos in Italy
  662. Category:1760s frescos in Italy
  663. Category:1690s frescos in Italy
  664. Category:1680s frescos in Italy
  665. Category:1670s frescos in Italy
  666. Category:1660s frescos in Italy
  667. Category:1750s frescos in Germany
  668. Category:1740s frescos in Germany
  669. Category:1730s frescos in Germany
  670. Category:1720s frescos in Germany
  671. Category:1710s frescos in Germany
  672. Category:1700s frescos in Germany
  673. Category:18th-century oil on canvas paintings in Switzerland
  674. Category:1700s frescos in Germany
  675. Category:Oil on panel paintings in the Netherlands
  676. Category:Oil on panel paintings in Spain
  677. Category:Yellow textiles in art
  678. Category:Paintings of angels in Belgium
  679. Category:Green textiles in art
  680. Category:1800s paintings from Spain
  681. Category:1700s paintings from Spain
  682. Category:1780s paintings from Spain
  683. Category:1770s paintings from Spain
  684. Category:1760s paintings from Spain
  685. Category:1750s paintings from Spain
  686. Category:1740s paintings from Spain
  687. Category:1730s paintings from Spain
  688. Category:1720s paintings from Spain
  689. Category:1710s paintings from Spain
  690. Category:1700s paintings from Spain
  691. Category:1690s paintings from Spain
  692. Category:1680s paintings from Spain
  693. Category:1670s paintings from Spain
  694. Category:1660s paintings from Spain
  695. Category:1650s paintings from Spain
  696. Category:1640s paintings from Spain
  697. Category:1630s paintings from Spain
  698. Category:1620s paintings from Spain
  699. Category:1610s paintings from Spain
  700. Category:1600s paintings from Spain
  701. Category:1590s paintings from Spain
  702. Category:1580s paintings from Spain
  703. Category:1570s paintings from Spain
  704. Category:1560s paintings from Spain
  705. Category:1550s paintings from Spain
  706. Category:1540s paintings from Spain
  707. Category:1530s paintings from Spain
  708. Category:1520s paintings from Spain
  709. Category:1510s paintings from Spain
  710. Category:1500s paintings from Spain
  711. Category:Red textiles in art
  712. Category:Blue textiles in art
  713. Category:15th-century paintings of battles
  714. Category:Ornamental textiles
  715. Category:Females writing in art
  716. Category:Mythological paintings in Austria
  717. Category:Mythological paintings in Switzerland
  718. Category:16th-century oil paintings in the Netherlands
  719. Category:Dropping blossoms
  720. Category:16th-century oil paintings in Russia
  721. Category:Putti with objects
  722. Category:1490s paintings from Italy
  723. Category:Paintings of angels in Russia
  724. Category:1660s watercolor paintings
  725. Category:Paintings from Germany by decade
  726. Category:1890s paintings from Germany
  727. Category:1800s paintings from Germany
  728. Category:1870s paintings from Germany
  729. Category:1860s paintings from Germany
  730. Category:1850s paintings from Germany
  731. Category:1840s paintings from Germany
  732. Category:1830s paintings from Germany
  733. Category:1820s paintings from Germany
  734. Category:1810s paintings from Germany
  735. Category:1800s paintings from Germany
  736. Category:1790s paintings from Germany
  737. Category:1780s paintings from Germany
  738. Category:1770s paintings from Germany
  739. Category:1760s paintings from Germany
  740. Category:1750s paintings from Germany
  741. Category:1740s paintings from Germany
  742. Category:1730s paintings from Germany
  743. Category:1720s paintings from Germany
  744. Category:1710s paintings from Germany
  745. Category:1700s paintings from Germany
  746. Category:1690s paintings from Germany
  747. Category:1680s paintings from Germany
  748. Category:1670s paintings from Germany
  749. Category:1660s paintings from Germany
  750. Category:1650s paintings from Germany
  751. Category:1640s paintings from Germany
  752. Category:1630s paintings from Germany
  753. Category:1620s paintings from Germany
  754. Category:1610s paintings from Germany
  755. Category:1600s paintings from Germany
  756. Category:1590s paintings from Germany
  757. Category:1580s paintings from Germany
  758. Category:1570s paintings from Germany
  759. Category:1560s paintings from Germany
  760. Category:1550s paintings from Germany
  761. Category:1540s paintings from Germany
  762. Category:1530s paintings from Germany
  763. Category:1520s paintings from Germany
  764. Category:1510s paintings from Germany
  765. Category:1500s paintings from Germany
  766. Category:Mythological paintings in Poland
  767. Category:1790s paintings from Italy
  768. Category:1780s paintings from Italy
  769. Category:1770s paintings from Italy
  770. Category:1760s paintings from Italy
  771. Category:1750s paintings from Italy
  772. Category:1740s paintings from Italy
  773. Category:1730s paintings from Italy
  774. Category:1720s paintings from Italy
  775. Category:1710s paintings from Italy
  776. Category:1700s paintings from Italy
  777. Category:Mythological paintings in the Netherlands
  778. Category:Mythological paintings in Belgium
  779. Category:Mythological paintings in Hungary
  780. Category:Assembly of Gods
  781. Category:1559 paintings in Italy
  782. Category:1556 paintings in Italy
  783. Category:1555 paintings in Italy
  784. Category:1554 paintings in Italy
  785. Category:1553 paintings in Italy
  786. Category:1552 paintings in Italy
  787. Category:Mythological paintings in Spain
  788. Category:Mythological paintings in the United Kingdom
  789. Category:18th-century religious paintings in France
  790. Category:1790s paintings from France
  791. Category:1780s paintings from France
  792. Category:1770s paintings from France
  793. Category:1760s paintings from France
  794. Category:1750s paintings from France
  795. Category:1740s paintings from France
  796. Category:1730s paintings from France
  797. Category:1720s paintings from France
  798. Category:1710s paintings from France
  799. Category:1700s paintings from France
  800. Category:Mythological paintings in Russia
  801. Category:15th-century oil on canvas paintings in France
  802. Category:1660s paintings from France
  803. Category:1650s paintings from France
  804. Category:1640s paintings from France
  805. Category:1630s paintings from France
  806. Category:1620s paintings from France
  807. Category:1610s paintings from France
  808. Category:1600s paintings from France
  809. Category:1590s paintings from France
  810. Category:1500s paintings from France
  811. Category:1570s paintings from France
  812. Category:1560s paintings from France
  813. Category:1550s paintings from France
  814. Category:1540s paintings from France
  815. Category:1530s paintings from France
  816. Category:1520s paintings from France
  817. Category:1510s paintings from France
  818. Category:1500s paintings from France
  819. Category:Baroque angels
  820. Category:Mythological paintings in the United States
  821. Category:Mythological paintings in France
  822. Category:Grabbing clothing
  823. Category:Francesco Polazzo
  824. Category:White textiles
  825. Category:Paintings of angels in the United States
  826. Category:1550s still life paintings
  827. Category:1560s still life paintings
  828. Category:1580s still life paintings
  829. Category:15th-century paintings in Austria
  830. Category:16th-century oil on canvas paintings in Switzerland
  831. Category:1590s paintings in Belgium
  832. Category:1580s paintings in Belgium
  833. Category:1570s paintings in Belgium
  834. Category:1560s paintings in Belgium
  835. Category:1540s paintings in Belgium
  836. Category:1530s paintings in Belgium
  837. Category:1520s paintings in Belgium
  838. Category:1510s paintings in Belgium
  839. Category:1500s paintings in Belgium
  840. Category:1550s paintings in Belgium
  841. Category:Images from
  842. Category:Sitting on animals
  843. Category:16th-century way of life in painting
  844. Category:X outlines of buildings
  845. Category:15th-century paintings of Last Judgment
  846. Category:17th-century paintings of Last Judgment
  847. Category:White cushions
  848. Category:1460s paintings in the United Kingdom
  849. Category:15th-century oil on panel paintings in the United States
  850. Category:Cement mixer trucks (front discharge)
  851. Category:Cement pumps sourced by concret mixer vehicles
  852. Category:Wet concrete slides
  853. Category:People in wheelbarrows
  854. Category:19th-century oil on panel paintings in the United States
  855. Category:Religious painters from Italy
  856. Category:Still-life paintings of armour
  857. Category:Mythological paintings by Guido Reni
  858. Category:Still-life paintings of armour
  859. Category:Men with swords in art
  860. Category:15th-century religious paintings in the United Kingdom
  861. Category:15th-century oil on panel paintings in the United Kingdom
  862. Category:19th-century oil on canvas paintings in Poland
  863. Category:Antoni Caba
  864. Category:Blue and red clothing
  865. Category:Yellow textiles
  866. Category:Yellow cushions
  867. Category:Blue cushions
  868. Category:Blue cushions
  869. Category:Red cushions
  870. Category:Ornamental clothing in art
  871. Category:Green cushions
  872. Category:Orange textiles
  873. Category:Judgement of Paris by Lucas Cranach the Elder (motif)
  874. Category:Motifs by painters
  875. Category:Paintings of Virgin Mary in Siena
  876. Category:Food shops in Germany
  877. Category:Still-life paintings of jewellery
  878. Category:15th-century oil on panel paintings in Belgium
  879. Category:19th-century oil on canvas paintings in Belgium
  880. Category:15th-century oil on canvas paintings in Belgium
  881. Category:17th-century oil on canvas paintings in Belgium
  882. Category:16th-century oil on canvas paintings in Belgium
  883. Category:17th-century religious paintings in Belgium
  884. Category:16th-century religious paintings in Belgium
  885. Category:16th-century paintings of Saint John the Evangelist
  886. Category:Paintings with descriptive text on the artwork
  887. Category:Orange and white clothing
  888. Category:Bicolor clothing
  889. Category:Green and yellow clothing
  890. Category:Pasqualino Veneziano
  891. Category:17th-century paintings of Lamentation of Christ
  892. Category:16th-century paintings in Berlin
  893. Category:1590s paintings in Berlin
  894. Category:1580s paintings in Berlin
  895. Category:1570s paintings in Berlin
  896. Category:1560s paintings in Berlin
  897. Category:1550s paintings in Berlin
  898. Category:1540s paintings in Berlin
  899. Category:1530s paintings in Berlin
  900. Category:1520s paintings in Berlin
  901. Category:1510s paintings in Berlin
  902. Category:1500s paintings in Berlin
  903. Category:1500s paintings in Berlin
  904. Category:1500s paintings in Berlin
  905. Category:19th-century religious paintings in the United Kingdom
  906. Category:Images from
  907. Category:18th-century religious paintings in Italy
  908. Category:18th-century paintings of the Adoration of the Magi
  909. Category:15th-century religious paintings in Spain
  910. Category:16th-century paintings of mountains
  911. Category:Paintings in the Museo de Arte de Ponce
  912. Category:Black and blue vehicles
  913. Category:1650s frescos in Italy
  914. Category:1640s frescos in Italy
  915. Category:1630s frescos in Italy
  916. Category:1620s frescos in Italy
  917. Category:1610s frescos in Italy
  918. Category:1600s frescos in Italy
  919. Category:1590s frescos in Italy
  920. Category:1580s frescos in Italy
  921. Category:1570s frescos in Italy
  922. Category:1560s frescos in Italy
  923. Category:1550s frescos in Italy
  924. Category:1530s frescos in Italy
  925. Category:1520s frescos in Italy
  926. Category:1510s frescos in Italy
  927. Category:1500s frescos in Italy
  928. Category:1590s frescos in Germany
  929. Category:1580s frescos in Germany
  930. Category:1570s frescos in Germany
  931. Category:1560s frescos in Germany
  932. Category:1550s frescos in Germany
  933. Category:1540s frescos in Germany
  934. Category:1530s frescos in Germany
  935. Category:1520s frescos in Germany
  936. Category:Paintings in private collections
  937. Category:People with busts
  938. Category:People in forests
  939. Category:People with landscape backgrounds
  940. Category:Putti on clouds
  941. Category:Signs in Sri Lanka
  942. Category:Flags with camels
  943. Category:Black and white versions of colored paintings
  944. Category:Cloverleaf intersections
  945. Category:Bronze statues in the Vatican
  946. Category:Sculptures in the Vatican Museums
  947. Category:Statues in Vatican City
  948. Category:Sculptures in Vatican City
  949. Category:Christ at the feast of Simon
  950. Category:Standing angels
  951. Category:Angels with flutes
  952. Category:Moloch
  953. Category:Sistine Madonna
  954. Category:National costumes of Albania
  955. Category:Flags of the United States government
  956. Category:Flora (Francesco Melzi)
  957. Category:David Ryckaert III
  958. Category:Sick animals
  959. Category:Carving in art
  960. Category:Matt black
  961. Category:Matt (material appearance)
  962. Category:Gloss
  963. Category:Flags with spirals
  964. Category:Fürstlich Castell’sche Bank, Credit-Casse AG
  965. Category:1774 establishments
  966. Category:River crossings
  967. Category:Franz Ignaz Neumann
  968. Category:Awards ceremonies
  969. Category:Cats and fish
  970. Category:Musée d'art et d'histoire, Geneva
  971. Category:People on coins
  972. Category:Columbia Museum of Art
  973. Category:17th-century paintings in the Prado Museum
  974. Category:Musee d'Art et d'Histoire, Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  975. Category:Filippo Lauri
  976. Category:Angels on clouds
  977. Category:Angels with swords
  978. Category:Humans with angels
  979. Category:Church interiors in Munich
  980. Category:Self-portraits of Lovis Corinth
  981. Category:Self-portraits of Frans Hals
  982. Category:Jakob Samuel Beck
  983. Category:Military of Qatar
  984. Category:Details of drawings
  985. Category:Drawings of naked women
  986. Category:Santa Maria dei Miracoli (Saronno)
  987. Category:People in gardens or parks
  988. Category:Details of paintings by Pieter Brueghel the Younger
  989. Category:1894 in France
  990. Category:1580s frescos
  991. Category:People with spiders
  992. Category:Crowned snakes
  993. Category:Bibles in art
  994. Category:Hands by Dürer
  995. Category:Hans Dürer
  996. Category:Biting in art
  997. Category:Stone bridges in art
  998. Category:Jobst Harrich
  999. Category:Hands in pockets
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