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ROMA ET VATICANO Roodlicht (reversed timing).gif

Vatican Museums, aerial view.

...Rome, tell me your secrets...!

under construction

On my next trip to Rome and Vatican City, I intend to visit a lot of museums, churches, fountains and obelisks. This is a to do list for private usage, directly for contributing pictures for Commons.


Here's a list of pictures that I plan to take:

Buildings and structures[edit]

Religious buildings[edit]

  • Santa Maria in Via – inside


*Ponte Sisto: inscriptions -- renovated in 1999 (no more inscr.)


  • N.N.

Misc. buildings and structures[edit]


  • N.N.


transport including such buildings[edit]

  • Airports
  • Line B trains (old ones)
  • Tram deposito


Buildings and structures[edit]

  • Istituto per le Opere di Religione (Vatican Bank)
  • Radio Vatican: studio
  • Centro Televisivo Vaticano



  • Museo etnologico (closed during my visit in 2009)

Swiss Guards[edit]

  • Band -- no entry
  • Commander, maybe even wearing his uniform -- need appointment
  • Weapons -- not seen
  • Barracks -- not open for visitors
  • Museum?


  • ATM diplay showing latin letters -- the only one I have seen (entrance section of the Vatican Museum) was in English and Italian
  • Papal appartments -- only outside
  • The Pope at his desk :-O
  • Japanese tourists
  • gypsies
  • peeling posters (thick layers)
  • Pharmacy -- no entry to this section of the Vatican
  • Gardens

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