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Author Dan Brown
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Deutsch: Sakrileg

This page reflects images, maps and graphics of objects playing a role in the 2003 mystery thriller written by Dan Brown.

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Palais du Louvre, Louvre museum and paintings[edit]

The Last supper. Picutured according to traditional descriptions from left to right: Bartholomew, James Minor and Andrew (group of three.), Judas, Peter and John (group of three), Jesus Christ (alone), Thomas, James Major and Philip, Matthew, Thaddeus and Simon (group of three). --- Note: There is no chalice although in the biblical last supper there is one, in fact it is the central issue of the gathering! The story explains that Magdalene is the Holy Grail (V shape = chalice and V = Woman (vulva) → Magdalene).

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Église Saint-Sulpice[edit]

Château Villette[edit]

The 17-room Château Villette with an area of 185 acres was built in the late 1700s by Jules Hardouin Mansart. (link link)

Gaul (Camargue)[edit]


Rennes-le-Château, Aude département

England and Scotland[edit]


Male and female symbols[edit]

Hieros gamos[edit]

Bible figures and tribes[edit]

Saint Peter[edit]

John the Baptist[edit]

Mary Magdalene[edit]

Mary of Clopas[edit]

Tribe of Benjamin[edit]

Joseph of Arimathea[edit]

Midwife Salome[edit]

aka Salome (disciple) or Mary Salome is a midwife who helped to virgin Mary during nativity.


Magna Mater (...deum Idea)

Prieuré de Sion[edit]

English: Priory of Sion

Opus Dei[edit]



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