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Fictional creatures is part № 22 of the User:Mattes/studies series.


Partly human and partly animal[edit]

Except Ghosts and spirits

With human heads[edit]

With animal heads[edit]

Composits of birds and humans[edit]

Composits of water animals and humans[edit]

Composits of Mammals and humans[edit]

Composits of mollusca and humans[edit]

Partly human and partly plants[edit]


Based on real animals[edit]

Different species of animals[edit]

Same species of animals[edit]

Not based on real animals[edit]


Ghosts and spirits[edit]


Bonus: Death, undead and immortality[edit]

Attribute of Dying
Colors Red
No.s ?
Attribute of Death
Colors Black
No.s ?

Bonus: Freak show[edit]


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