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Mattes Dept. of Fun
contains humor and enjoyment images and is part of the User:Mattes/studies series.

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Monkeys taking a bath in Jigokudani hotspring in Nagano, Japan.
Katze “Jürgen” im Waschbecken.
Hover Cat.
Della tramutatione metallica sogni tre.
Cat Scan (We've got a software tool with that name, too.).



Creation of Jimbo (…Wales, founder of Wikimedia).
Minister of Fun.


Plate 39 of Los Caprichos by Francisco de Goya, 1799.
Lear the Owl and the Pussy Cat.
Satyr beim Bauern by Jakob Jordaens, 17th c.
Vorsicht Turnier-Saurier (Segelflugzeuge).
Stop! I love you.


Heute 20 Uhr Gästeschießen im Bürgerhaus (shooting for the guests at 8 p.m. -- or guest shooting at 8 p.m).
Radbruch (broken wheel; town in Germany).
Für Fremde alles verboten .
Bitte Tür schliessen! Wildschweingefahr. ("Beware of the wild boars. Please keep the door closed" - to make people fear and make them close the gate; there are no such animals) -- Friedhof Heerstraße, Berlin, Germany.
Weltschnitzelhauptstadt Jossa. (world capital of Schnitzel)
Rotzmense (street name).
Ameisenstraße (ant street).
Seidenes Strümpfchen (silk sock street).
Letzter Weg ("last way" → death; street sign in Germany).
Heimburger & Schlenker Rechtsanwälte, Villingen-Schwenningen (law firm).
Gehörgang (Ear canal).
Note the last line, all other isn't funny.
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Misc. or unsorted[edit]

The magical power of that morning cup of coffee..
...schmeckt komisch!
...wohl falsch verstanden!
Shoe Car.
Berliner Polizeibeamter mit Funkgerät und -antenne (Aprilscherz)..
Office work in water (hot summer).
Noah's Arc cartoon.
Complaint Department.
Firlefanz (German).
Hopscotch to oblivion.
Contents of English Wikipedia.
Lawn mower as part of a bicycle.
A dog riding the bicycle..
Book Book, New South Wales..
Deppenleerzeichen — geht gar nicht! ... ausgerechnet von der Duden-Redaktion!.

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