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Personal frequently used categories (personal cheat sheet)

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Examples for C&P



[[Category:Paintings by genre]]



Motif and Scenery[edit]

[[Category:Paintings of Vanitas]]
[[Category:mother and child in art]]
[[Category:17th-century shops and merchants in painting]]
[[Category:17th-century way of life in painting]]
[[Category:Promenade portraits]]
[[Category:Paintings of art gallery's interior]]
[[Category:Still-life paintings of living animals]]
[[Category:Musical notes in art]]
[[Category:17th-century paintings of buildings]]
[[Category:Mythological figures in nature]]


[[Category:People by descent]]


[[Category:Paintings of couples in rooms]]
[[Category:17th-century portrait paintings of sitting women]]
[[Category:17th-century men looking at viewer in art]]
[[Category:Studios in art]]
[[Category:Portraits of women with landscape]]
[[Category:Mythological figures on clouds]] #mfc
[[Category:Christian figures on clouds]] <!-- #cfc -->
[[Category:People and ruins in paintings]]
[[Category:Paintings of people in nature]]
[[Category:Portraits half-turned]]
[[Category:Right hand on hip]]
[[Category:17th-century portrait paintings of standing men]]
[[Category:Portrait paintings of sitting men]]
[[Category:Sitting with head resting on hand]]
[[Category:Unidentified locations in art]]


[[Category:Portraits as Saint Mary Magdalene]]
[[Category:Mythologizing portraits]]
[[Category:Portraits as Christian saints]]


exept orders and insignias

[[Category:Painted portraits of males with flowers]]
[[Category:Portrait paintings of men with books]]
[[Category:Portraits holding an attribute]]
[[Category:Portraits with musical scores]]
[[Category:Portraits holding an attribute]]
[[Category:Quills in portraits]]

Decoration with medaillons, jewellery, medals, insignia, etc.[edit]

[[Category:Women with jewellery in art]]
[[Category:Crowns in portraits]]
[[Category:17th-century portraits with coat of arms]]
[[Category:Collars of chivalric orders in portraits]]
[[Category:Portraits holding an attribute]]
[[Category:Males with jewellery in art]]
[[Category:People with necklaces]]

Hairdo and Hair decoration[edit]

[[Category:Female long hair in art]]
[[Category:Painted portraits of bearded men]]
[[Category:Hair fashion with flowers]]
[[Category:Hair decoration]]


[[Category:Black and red clothing, male]]
[[Category:Females with red dresses in art]]
[[Category:Portrait paintings of women wearing hats]]
[[Category:Portraits wearing military uniforms]]


[[Category:Portraits with ornamental background]]
[[Category:Portrait paintings with green background]]
[[Category:Portrait paintings with blue background]]
[[Category:Portraits with table carpets]]
[[Category:Portraits with landscapes]]
[[Category:Portraits of women with landscape]]
[[Category:Portraits of men with landscape]]
[[Category:Portraits in gardens]]
[[Category:Portraits with night landscape]]


[[Category:Celestial globes]]
[[Category:Armillary spheres]]

Social structure of belief[edit]

[[Category:17th-century paintings of saints]]


[[Category:17th-century trade, markets, shops and merchants]]
[[Category:Playing children in art]]

Effects and perspectives[edit]

[[Category:portraits with optical effects]]
[[Category:Puzzling pictures]]

Time of production[edit]

[[Category:17th-century portrait paintings in Germany]]
[[Category:17th-century paintings of Old Testament]]
[[Category:17th-century religious paintings in Italy]]
[[Category:17th-century paintings of Old Testament]]
[[Category:Renaissance paintings of people]]
[[Category:Paintings not categorised by year]] #pnc
[[Category:Portrait paintings, location missing]]
[[Category:Paintings with years of production (artist)]] #pwyc

Line of vision of figures[edit]

[[Category:women looking at viewer in art]]
[[Category:females looking down in art]]


[[Category:oil on canvas paintings]] #oc + #[oc]
[[Category:oil on panel paintings]] #op + #[op]
[[Category:Oil paintings of ]]
[[Category:Oil portraits of ]]
[[Category:17th-century oil on canvas paintings]] #17oc
[[Category:17th-century oil on panel paintings]] #17op
[[Category:Paintings lacking painting technique information]] #plpti


[[Category:17th-century portrait paintings in the United Kingdom]]


[[Category:Paintings in Tate Britain]]
[[Category:Paintings in the Victoria and Albert Museum]]
[[Category:Paintings in the Getty Center]]
[[Category:Paintings in the Musei Capitolini (Rome)]]
[[Category:Paintings in the Musée national du Château de Versailles]]
[[Category:17th-century paintings in the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts]]
[[Category:Paintings in the National Gallery of Art]]
[[Category:Portraits in the Alte Pinakothek]]
[[Category:17th-century paintings in private collections]]
[[Category:17th-century paintings in unidentified private collections]]
[[Category:Location of museum or gallery missing]] #lmg (#lmg15 #lmg16 #lmg17 #lmg18 #lmg19 #lmg20)

Painter / Authentication[edit]

Unknown painters:
[[Category:Paintings with signatures]] #pws
[[Category:Paintings with signatures (center)]] #pwsc
[[Category:Paintings with signatures (lower left)]] #pwsll
[[Category:Paintings with signatures (bottom, center)]] #pwsbc
[[Category:Paintings with signatures (lower right]] #pwslr
[[Category:Paintings with signatures (upper left)]] #pwsul
[[Category:Paintings with signatures (upper right)]] #pwsur


[[Category:Copies of Albrecht Dürer works]]
[[Category:Black and white reproductions of paintings in color]]
[[Category:Black and white reproductions of portrait paintings in color]]


[[Category:Template:artwork possible]] #tpp


[[Category:Colored woodcuts]]
[[Category:Paintings in mirror]]
[[Category:Paintings with inscriptions]] #pwi
[[Category:Still life paintings in the United States]]
[[Category:Black and white reproductions of paintings in color]]
[[Category:Paintings by two artists]]
[[Category:Triumphal processions]]
[[Category:Paintings of angels with humans]] #ah
[[Category:Paintings of Jesus Christ and the woman taken in adultery‎]]


[[Category:Military communications equipment]]
[[Category:Knight's Cross recipients]]
[[Category:Generals of the Wehrmacht]]
[[Category:Heer (Wehrmacht)]]
[[Category:Black and white photographs of Germany]]
[[Category:Black and white photographic portraits of men]]


Hearst Castle Neptune Pool September 2012 002.jpg
[[Category:Coats of arms of Germany to be classified]]
[[Category:Portrait photographs of women]]
[[Category:Sheet music examples]]
[[Category:Black and white photographs of vehicles]]
[[Category:front views of road vehicles]]
[[Category:Black and white photographs of men]]
[[Category:Black and white photographs of Germany]]
[[Category:Black and white photographs of the United States]]
[[Category:men at work]]
[[Category:Black and white photographs of buildings]]
[[Category:Black and white photographs of groups]]
[[Category:Wehrmacht soldiers]]
[[Category:Soldiers on duty]]
[[Category:Black and white photographs of men]]
[[Category:Traffic signals in Germany]]
[[Category:Women in advertisements]]
[[Category:Pericope Adulteræ]]
[[Category:Crepuscular rays]]
[[Category:Portrait photographs of women]]


[[Category:Template information missing]] #tim

Bonus material[edit]

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|and workshop}}
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|follower of}}
|manner of}}
{{Other date|~|1623-1624}}
{{Other date|~|1650}}

|inscriptions={{inscription| YOUNAMEIT |lang=~|position=lower right|type=signature}}


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|facet medium = 
|Medium = {{oil on canvas}}
|Support = 

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Category:Multilingual tags: Title Category:Multilingual tags: People

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