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Silver bracelets with aquamarine and citrine
Another view of my studio
My jewellery studio
820 reticulated silver, 950 silver and amethyst.
Weight: 36 g // Length: 88 mm
White gold, emerald and diamonds bracelet
Silver brooches
Height: 50 mm / Weight: 86 g. Photo: Del Carmen
950 silver, pearls, amethysts and rose quartz.
Length of the trumpet: 90 mm. Photo: Del Carmen
Gold and diamond rings
Some of my silver miniatures, from 80 to 122mm-long.
Height: 82 mm. 950 silver, bone and black coral. Photo: Del Carmen
Height: 110 mm Silver, titanium, bone and wood.

Olá. Sou Mauro Cateb, joalheiro, desenhista de joias e ourives brasileiro, nascido na cidade de São Paulo, onde também trabalho. Hi. I'm Mauro Cateb, Brazilian jeweler, jewelry designer and silversmith. I was born in the city of São Paulo, where I work, as well.

Mauro Cateb, Brazilian jeweler