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I am Maximilian Schönherr author, photographer, musician, journalist mainly for German public radio.


Best way to contact me is via my userpage in the German Wikipedia: [1]

As a radio person (since 1974) I've conducted interviews with lots of people, from Steve Jobs to Joey Ramone, from Joseph Weizenbaum to Konrad Zuse, from The Smiths to Slayer. For several years I fed about two dozens of 1 minute segments of some interviews into Wiki Commons - which were all deleted in early 2014 due to licensing problems. The main problem was that although (for example) Joey Ramone agreed to be published when I met and interviewed him in New York, I don't have a written declaration by him for Wiki Commons; Wikipedia and CC weren't around those days. It's too much of an effort for me to ask his heirs, or, in Steve Jobs' case, Apple, or in Tom Araya's case Slayer's record company. So, the ogg files have left the Wiki imperium forever. Some of the segments are "dumped" here, in case you miss them ;-).