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Aurora Mazzoldi is a romantic esoteric painter from Italy. Her works have been described as “contemporary romanticism” by art critic Maurice Taplinger . Her dramatic mood comes from the Romantic tradition and her soft modeling of form is reminiscent of the old Masters of the Renaissance (Agora Press Release, New York,2008 and 2009"[1], ). This artist is concerned with painting relational behaviors. She aims to delve deep into the human psyche with an esoteric [2] and narrative [3] approach.

She gets inspiration from esoteric sources, e.g. Gurdjeff (w: Gurdjeff), Ouspenskij (w: Ouspenskij) and Daskalos’ (w:Stylianos_Atteshlis) Christian esotericism.

In 2006 she exhibited at the Balaton Multifunctional Center (Balaton Szabadidõ és Konferencia Központ, Hungary, solo exh., sponsored by Balaton Municipality Association) [4]. In 2007 she took part in the 6th Florence Biennale ([5]) and presented a solo exhibition at Trentino-Alto Adige Region(”Woman’s Stories" [6]. She took part in the exhibition “Odissey within – fine art from Greece and Italy” at Agora Gallery, New York [7] In 2008 presented her solo exhibition “Woman’s Stories” in Cremona (Italy, sponsored by Cremona Municipality and Province) [8] and in Florence (Candelaio Gallery) [9]. She took part in “Salon de Invierno, Barcelona [10], in the International Art Exhibition at the MOA, Miami [11], in the New York Art Expo [12] and in the exhibition “Figuratively Speaking"[13], at the Agora Gallery, New York. In 2009 she took part in the European Contemporary Party (exhibition of artists of the 27 E.U. Nations), at the Opera Gallery, Budapest[14], in an exhibition at the Swedish Embassy, Buenos Aires,[15] and in another exhibition at the Roca Museum, Buenos Aires [16]. Some bibliographic references are: "Catalogo dell’Arte Moderna", Giorgio Mondadori, n° 43 e 44, “ArteOggi – Artisti Contemporanei - Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori”, by art critic Enzo Santese [17] “Libro Arte Euroamericano 2007” [18] “Libro Arte Euroamericano 2008" [19] “Libro Arte Euroamericano 2009” [20] "ARTisSpectrum" vol. 18 and 20 [21].

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