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Originally from the land of spices, India; currently settled in the land of opportunities, America. I grew up in a family where the resources were scarce but love & care was in abundance. I was in grade 5 when I lost my father, he left his very first film camera for me as an asset. I still have it and I feel like his soul is still with me in form of his camera.

]During childhood I developed an inclination towards various art forms including pencil sketching, clay models, poetry, and making paper crafts. No matter what art form I get myself involved into, my work tends to focus on subjects that are pleasing to my heart and my mind. Although I shoot everything but during the recent years I realized that shooting portraits is a form of art in itself. While shooting portraits I try to create a story around subject's eyes and you can clearly notice it in all my people photography. Sometimes I pop the eyes' sharpness & color and sometimes I just hide or blur out the eyes to let them speak their own language and story.