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I am an amateur naturalist and photographer in British Columbia, Canada. My photographs are mostly of plants and fungi.

I contribute photos to the E-Flora BC project but they only publish 600px versions (to protect photographers' rights) and the option of tagging media as i.e. Creative Commons licenced is currently part of their large to do list. You can see my E-Flora BC published images here.

At Wikimedia Commons I can post full resolution photos and point to them from the E-Flora BC page. And since E-Flora BC only publishes photos that can be identified to species by their botanists, I can point there from wikimedia to increase confidence that those photos are properly identified. Twice the value for my citizen science buck!

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  • {{Cite journal}}
  • {{SN}} - synonym box
  • {{VN}} - vernacular names box
  • {{Genera}} - takes up to 200 names
  • {{Genera2}} - to list more than 200 genera inside a collapsible table
  • {{Species}} - to list species in the format G. species
  • {{Species2}} - to list more than 300 species inside a collapsible table
  • {{Subspecies}} - to list species in the format G. s. subspecies
  • {{Taxa}} - to list higher ranks taxa (families, orders...)
  • {{Cat see also}}
  • {{Category redirect}}
  • {{Tl}}

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