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A diagram is a symbolic representation of information based on specific visualization techniques. Most diagrams are images constructed 2 dimensional. Only sometimes the image is constructed with 3D building blocks are the whole image is constructed in a three-dimensional space.


The term diagram is used in science and society in a general and a specific sense.[1] In essence diagrams are:[1]

  1. A collective term for any visual information device, like the term "illustration" often used as a representative term, to stand for the whole class of technical genres, including graphs and tables.
  2. The specific class of visual display, that show qualitative data with shapes that are connected by lines, arrows, or other visual links

There are numerous of different diagrams, and there is no general excepted standard of classification. Diagrams can be divided by:

  • Type of media
  • Geometical shape
  • Time dependence
  • Field of science

Type of media[edit]

Block diagram chart graph tables technical illustration technical drawing

photo Image:Iau dozen.jpg

Geometrical shapes[edit]

Time depence of the subject[edit]

Statical Dynamical Cyclic Evolutionair

Fields of science[edit]


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