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I am an astronomy volunteer and I am a co-author of multiple publications. My research area involves brown dwarfs, white dwarfs, debris disks and occasionally galaxies. I like to listen to J-pop and I am a fan of Yamamoto Sayaka.

Community Science


I did co-discover the infrared excess around the white dwarf star LSPM J0207+3331[1][2], one of the exoplanets around K2-138[3] and more exoplanets[4]. I discovered active photoevaporation of two young M-stars with circumstellar disks in the star cluster Collinder 69 using Spitzer Space Telescope images.[5] I am one of the galaxy zoo volunteers that is actively searching for Voorwerpjes (watch this space). I also do actively search for brown dwarfs, which are being observed by researchers of the backyard worlds collaboration (more results to come in the future).[6]

One of my past activities involve being a website moderator at a Zooniverese project, called the Milky Way Project.[7] Beside my Zooniverse activities I am also involving myself in other projects, such as iNaturatlist and NASA's Landslide Reporter. My laptop is thinking hard about questions coming from SETI@Home, Einstein@Home and Rosetta@Home.


Creating images


I consider it more of a hobby to create images and gifs out of astronomical data and satellite images. Such as an asteroid in front of the crab nebula.[8][9]

The star-forming region Barnard 35, which is part of the Lambda Orionis Ring


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