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I’m not exposed!

Meow (born 20 December 1989) is the site owner of Chita, an imageboard providing the best selected artworks for furry lovers fulfilling their sexual desire. She likes translating, swimming and masturbating.


Meow established Chita as an internet forum on 23 July 2004, and the website officially transformed into a furry forum on 11 October 2008. On 19 January 2011, she launched a new furry platform powered by WordPress on Chita, which replaced the old phpBB website. Since October 2012, a new theme and a new logo of Chita are both adopted, and the entirely new homepage with the Metro design is launched on 18 November 2012.

Meow also tried to have a collaboration of web design with the government of the Principality of Sealand before. Although it was not accepted, what she has done is actually a milestone for the foreign relations of Taiwan.


-- Meow

Based on the Metro design, Meow’s signature for Wikipedia is incredibly simple and beautiful. It is now leading the way of designing signatures in Wikipedia.

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