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Concering File:World-War-II-military-deaths-in-Europe-by-theater-year.png[edit]

1. The number of German dead on the "Western front" seems to be too low. Does it include the dead in Norhern Europe, POW dead in Western allied custody and the dead in sea and air battles on the Western front (see what Overmans calls "Other fronts")? Also, how many of those dead in the final battles in Germany 1945 does this figure include?
2. The American dead on the Western front does only represent those dead in combat, the figure is missing those dead from other causes. It is thus incomplete.
3. Where are the Polish and Norwegian dead on the western front?

4.This chart is fabricated and does not include military personnel who were taken prisoner. If this number were included, it would show that over 4,200,000 Nazi troops were captured on the western front, further debunking the myth and complete falsehood that "the Russians won the war". In addition, the death toll of the Axis troops on the western front was between 400,000 and 600,000. The Allies were much more efficient than the Russians, which allowed them to capture rather than kill Nazis. The .83 million number is not correct. The person who created this chart was a Russian man who fabricated it and posted it on the propaganda website Reddit without citing any sources. There is an addition to this chart which is also fabricated, stating that Japanese casualties inflicted by the United States in the Pacific were under 500,000 when in fact they were over 2,500,000. The Russian figures are somewhat correct, as their casualties were extremely high due to their incompetence and lack of intelligence. 10,000,000 is a good estimate for their deaths. Another rare example of truth in this false chart are the US casualties being around .18 million, which is further evidence that the US won the war and was superior to the Russians by the ability of the US to keep casualties to a minimum. As anyone can see, the Russians had to face two thirds of Hitler's army with their whole army, and the US had to fight a third of Hitler's army with half of theirs, while still keeping their casualties astronomically lower than the Russians. Wikipedia should be the place for fact, not propaganda.

Best regards EriFr (talk) 12:47, 11 November 2013 (UTC)

Dear Mercury999 concerning your Table, you forgot to include The British Losses in Sicily & Italy to the Western Front Losses. With that bumbers they reach the 60,000 dead.--Mr.User200 (talk) 16:41, 9 March 2015 (UTC)