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Egypt - Temples & Monuments[edit]


East Bank - Thebes - Karnak & Luxor[edit]

Karnak Temple[edit]

Luxor Temple[edit]

West Bank - Theban Necropolis[edit]

Theban Necropolis[edit]

Valley of the Kings[edit]

Valley of the Queens[edit]

Tombs of the Nobles[edit]

Dier el Medina - Workers Village and Tombs (The Place of Truth)[edit]

Colossus of Memnon[edit]

Dier el Bahari - Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut[edit]

Medinet Habu - Mortuary Temple of Rameses III[edit]

Ramaseum - Mortuary Temple of Rameses II[edit]

Mortuary Temple of Seti I[edit]

Abu Simbel - Temple of Rameses II[edit]

Abydos - Temple of Osiris[edit]

Dendera - Temple of Hathor[edit]

Esna - Temple of Khnum[edit]

Edfu - Temple of Horus[edit]

Kom Ombo - Temple of Sobek & Haroeris & Kom Ombo Village[edit]

Philae - Temple of Isis[edit]

Egypt - Sunsets[edit]

Egypt - Wildlife[edit]

Egypt - Modern Buildings, Places and Themes[edit]