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I'm much more active on Wikipedia than I am here.

Contact me at my Wikipedia user page, if you need a quick response.

Images I uploaded
The Plague, by Gaetano Zumbo.jpg
Nurse-nun visits graves of victims of 1976 Zaire Ebola outbreak.jpg
CDC worker incinerates med-waste from Ebola patients in Zaire.jpg
Community portrait of Yambuku, Zaire -- 1976.jpg
Corridor in Great Zimbabwe Ruins -- 1975.jpg
Plague-infected rats found on ships in Indonesian ports, 1969.jpg
Man giving blood in Sierra Leone clinic, 1977.jpg
Overcrowded ferry boat on Meghna River, Bangladesh.jpg
Bangladeshis bathing in Patuakhali Town.jpg
Food hut--Patuakhali Town, Bangladesh.jpg
Open-air barber shop - Patuakhali Town, Bangladesh.jpg
In situ carcinoma.jpg
Researcher injecting smallpox into chicken eggs--Bangledesh.jpg
Velvet ant head anterior -- SEM photo.jpg
Female smallpox patient -- late-stage confluent maculopapular scarring.jpg
Newborn with polydactyly of both feet.jpg
Infant with skin lesions from congenital rubella.jpg
Wound botulism involvement of compound fracture, right arm.jpg
State Highway Dept horse and wagon -- Keene, NH, 1900.jpg
Road Construction in Keene New Hampshire.jpg
Horse-drawn road grading, Keene, NH 1900s.jpg
Transporting logs by mule-drawn cart -- Keene, NH 1900s.jpg
Maude Malone at women's suffrage meeting, May 1914.jpg
African American farmer in corn field, Alachua County, Florida.jpg
Dome of St. Peter's from Vatican gardens.jpg
Villa d'Este, Tivoli -- 1000 fountains allee.jpg
Starshine 3 satellite in lab.jpg
Daniel and Abigail Shays' Pelham, MA farmhouse.jpg