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Greetings from the helpdesk of your friendly Wikipedia nutter C: :3 <_< >_> ^_v v_^ <_v v_> ... -_-; ... <_< Aaanywaaaaay, if you are here then chances are you are familiar with my work on Wikipedia and have taken to light that I decided to have a go at Wikinews and Wikipedia Commons. Well here I am on Commons. If you want to discuss then the 'discussion' page is there. Happy useful contributing :)

Wikimedia Commons Differences[edit]

Not really got much to say on my Wikimedia Commons side of things. I heard that commons is a good way of getting pictures that will work on Wikipedia and therefore decided to set up over here just in case I need a file for an article or indeed just check if Commons has an image that would work in an article.

And now Ladies and Gentlemen[edit]

Go forth and have a great day of making useful contributions :)