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My pictures, after when they were uploaded, with some comments<gallery> Image:StolavvgsSarpsborgGamla.jpg Image:StolavvgsSarpsborg.jpg|my school Image:OttariverII.jpg Image:Otta river in front of Otta.jpg Image:Button sorterbar.png|not exactly selfmade, but in some ways Image:Intifada-diagram-norwegian.PNG|using the english one, but with Norwegian names (1. and 2. Intifada) Image:OldCityJerusalem.PNG|using the english one, removing the names Image:OldCityJerusalemNorwegianEdition.PNG|using the english one, with Norwegian names Image:Dødballbane.JPG Image:Lina Sandell.jpg|not self-made at all, but uploaded from en-wiki