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Location: Springfield, Oregon, United States


My name is Mary Harrsch, a retired technology professional. I was an education technologist at the University of Oregon, College of Education for twenty years. I am passionate about technology, education and history, particularly ancient history. I am constantly exploring ways to use technology to enhance the learning environment and am particularly ecstatic when I can develop a technology to advance the study of ancient history. I am a photographer and former Filemaker Pro database developer and website designer who has contributed images to Wikimedia Commons since 2007.


My online image archive on Flickr (search tag mharrsch) contains over 21,000 images of art, landscapes and nature subjects that are licensed with Creative Commons non-commercial attribution share alike licenses to encourage teachers and students to use them in the classroom and on their blogs. I am in the process of adding these images to Wikimedia Commons as time permits. I also upload images of public domain art to Wikimedia and edit Wikipedia articles. My images have appeared in programs broadcast on public television channels in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. and in educational books and magazines published both in the U.S. and other countries including England, France, Turkey, Venezuela, and Argentina.

My images on Wikimedia Commons

Web Design[edit]

I developed the website for the Historical Figures Foundation in Ojai, California. This non-profit foundation promotes the study of history through the exhibition of historical figures artist George Stuart's mixed media sculptures. An archive of images of his work has been established on Wikimedia and I continue to upload images to this archive as time permits.


Early in my career I was a freelance photojournalist and eventually worked on the staff of a weekly newspaper. So I do have quite a bit of writing and photography experience and have been published in a number of magazines both in the U.S. and in Canada, England, France, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Venezuela, and Argentina. Although I am now retired, I try to continue to contribute to society through Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, and by developing free educational materials using voice recognition technologies for Alexa and other platforms.

I still publish several blogs focusing on various aspects of history including Roman Times about the ancient Roman world and Passionate About History about other cultures besides Rome. I also review books and novels about the ancient world.

I am also an avid Roman history buff and published my first Roman history-themed wikibook "The Illustrated Gallic Wars" on Wikipedia.

Education Technology[edit]

My published research on technology in the classroom and applications of artificial intelligence are available online at In 2018, I learned to develop educational Amazon Alexa skills including Caesar's Ancient World that enables visitors to chat with Gaius Julius Caesar about ancient Roman culture.

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