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Hello I am Tom Schaefer, also known as MiamiTom, a brand I created based upon Donald Trump's advice to "market and brand your own name". I do photography, marketing, websites.
I have websites here: - my photography. Photography services to the Miami metro area. Tom Schaefer has been doing photography since 1976. I started shooting in high school. After high school, while in the Navy I got a chance to shoot in exotic places, and shortly after leaving the Navy, I was trained in modeling photography, and commercial product photography. I absolutely love to shoot! I learned 'old school', from box cameras, Nikon FE 35mm, Canon AE1 35mm, medium format, 4x5 view cameras, Hasselblad, Leica 35mm, and even large format 8x10 view cameras using Zeiss lenses. I've done darkroom printing, litho, and special work with negatives. I've run film processors, and remember the days of celluloid with fondness, but I love digital. Secrets of photography passed down to me by my mentor have stayed with me over the past 30 years, enabling me to get excellent photography. I currently shoot with Nikon, Lumix, & Sony. I'm available for custom portraits, product photography and special events. - my web design site. Website design services to the Miami metro area since 1998, photography since 1976. web sites - design, front end graphics, layout, art, and back end (techie stuff),wordpress, cms's, ecommerce, shopping carts, marketing sites, email lists, etc. audio/video streaming, podcasts, video players etc., photography - studio, location, products, models, architectural - Miami photography blog. This site endeavors to be the premier site for photography about Miami and the surrounding metro area, by local Miami photographers, including Miami's beaches, South Beach, downtown Miami, Brickell, its art, music, culture, the ghettos, the high life, architecture, and people - and everything else that is Miami. This is the real view of Miami by its own photogs - not the tourist view. - my video site. Miami Video Services connects you with professional production videographers, video editors, photographers, sound, audio, voice and make-up professionals. We do not rent or sell equipment retail or wholesale. We can convert your old VHS tapes to DVD and YouTube.

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