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Wright in 2014

I am an independent author/researcher. I do not represent Wikinews, Wikipedia, or the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).

I contribute to Wiki projects using my real name. This gives me skin in the game; it makes my edits and writing more serious and it forces me to take intellectual responsibility for my contributions.


  • I can be contacted via email at Wright.Michael.C (at)
  • I have the following PGP key id: 392083BF
  • I have an SHA512 committed identity associated with my global account: Michael.C.Wright/Committed_identity
  • I use the IRC nick: MichaelCWright on Libera and frequent the following channels
    • #wikinews
    • #wikinews-en
    • #cvn-sw
    • #countervandalism

Conflict of interest statement