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Mikael Ejdemyr is a photographer of Borås, Sweden.

Pictures of Borås[edit]

Göta, a neighbourhood[edit]

Sports Hall of Borås[edit]


Ramnasjön, a lake[edit]

Borås Museum, an open air museum of historic buildings[edit]

Lake of Öresjö[edit]

The public baths of Almenäs[edit]

Viskan (Whisper River)[edit]

City buildings[edit]

The Water Tower of Mill Hill Park[edit]

Former police station[edit]

The motion-picture palace Red Mill[edit]

Museum of Fine Arts[edit]

Room of the painter Peter Adolf Hall at the Museum of Fine Arts[edit]

Abecita konstmuseum (Abecita Art Museum)[edit]

Outdoor sculpture[edit]

The Zoo[edit]

Göteborg (Gothenburg)[edit]

New Fort of Elfsborg[edit]