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| name = Milcho | background = Director, Video Artist, Photographer | birth_date = March 16, 1972 (1972-03-16) (age 45) | origin = San Salvador, El Salvador | occupation = Director, Video Artist | years_active = 2013 – present | website = [1] }}

Milcho,(born March 16, 1972) in Clichy, France as Veronica Maria Stuard Polío, is as video artist, photographer, television personality, TV & music director, . She grew up in El Salvador with her mother Silvia Polío, her grandmother & her cinematographer uncle, [[Baltazar Polío]. At the age of 6 her mother married a mexican musician who would later adopt her and giver her his last name of Milchorena becoming then Veronica Maria Stuard Milchorena Polío. In 1985 she fled El Salvador with her family do to the civil war. Having then embarking into a very unstable life for 2 years where she and her family lived in Mexico, San Francisco, Tennessee & finally settling down in Miami Beach, Florida in 1987. She inhereted her uncles film cameras after he passed away in 1989. It wasn't until 1991 when her mother gave her a video camera for her graduation that she actually become attached and obsessed with framing, shooting and editing.