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flag of Poland
This user comes from Poland.

Hello, everybody! My name is Mateusz Giełczyński and I am an amatour photographer from Kraków, Poland. In spare time I enjoy photographing my enchanting city - its streets, houses and people. Whenever I travel, I always try to take some shots for Wikimedia as well.

Also, I help WC by categorizing some stuff. Other project of Wikimedia I have some impact on is Polish Wikipedia (there's my userpage – i used to edit mostly stuff connected to ski jumpers).

Below, you can see my galleries - they might be a little not up-to-date (this list is always updated though). Since 2010 I've uploaded hundreds of photos, among them are loads which take part in three editions of Wiki Loves Monuments. Majority of the pics are in good resolution (very early ones are the exceptions). My works has been used in the Internet media a lot of times, including government sites and public media ( File:Man waiting for green traffic light.jpg - this one is most popular I guess).

click on the link under photo, not on the photo, to see an album