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I am in this image. I did not take this image!
This user does not have all their ducks in a row, but is OK with that!
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My official user page is on English Wikipedia. I mostly contribute images related to horses and all the junk you accumulate when you own them. Sometimes I upload other kinds of photos, including historic buildings, road trip photos, or things like hay and pow wows. I also discovered the beauty of Flickr2commons and sometimes upload other people's stuff released at Flickr under the correct license, particularly of horse racing.

I have two acknowledged "legit sock" accounts, User:MontOther and User:Breadedchicken, which I use for education and training purposes (and occasionally other test edits), and for which I am solely responsible.

I am slowly adding the images I have created to Category:Images by Montanabw, stay tuned for more uploads there.

Yes, I really live in Montana.

If you want a photo of something that I might be able to provide, drop me a message at my wikipedia talk page. I have a decent DSLR and could in theory take high qualify images (if operator error can be corrected), but often just use my phone camera, but in any case, will take my best shot!


Some toys to show where my images have been used or viewed: monthly and overall.

Wiki meets world[edit]

Where "my" articles or my photos (mostly photos right now) that I have taken and uploaded on commons have appeared off-wiki (frequently without proper attribution even to Commons, arrgh):