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Greetings, friend!

Please message me about any ideas, issues, etc! I try to be as helpful as possible.

Most of my work at the Commons involves categorization and finding good Public Domain images from old books for use on the various Wikipedias, though I also try to upload any good photos from my adventures.

I am aware this is a multilingual project, and that I have limited language skills beyond English. For better or worse, I sometimes use high-level English vocabulary and syntax, so if you have trouble reading anything I write, please let me know!


Editor's statement[edit]

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This user respects copyright, but sometimes it can be a major pain.

The focus of my editing work is twofold:

First, organization and easy access: making it so files can be readily found, through proper categorization, as well as the creation, clean-up, and expansion of galleries. Finding images, and finding good images is very time consuming, and so I like to make that easier on others. I am also rather fond of cleaning up categories due to images that are not specifically categorized or inadequate categorization when a system structure is starting to take place. I was that kid who at the toy store who organized all the action figures so that there was one model per row.

Second, illustration: finding or taking and linking images, with the main purpose of use over at the English Wikipedia (where I edit), and by extension the other Wikipedias. A lot of the more obscure pages over there are in need of good images, and so I work through the many categories for them together with keyword searches (to make sure the category has all that belongs in it). Good categorization and galleries help in this task.

Most of the photos I have uploaded are of some sort of historical interest: cultural heritage, the built environment, and architectural history, in particular my hometown of Richmond, Virginia and nearby cities; also the history of technology. I have a weak-spot for 19th-century line-art engravings.

I take issues of copyright very seriously, but feel there is a trove of wonderful stuff in the public domain that deserves more attention in its own right: my favorite source for works not of my own origination are PD works from the Internet Archive and the Library of Congress.

Feel free to message me at any time! Cheers!

What am I working on?[edit]

Engravings and book illustrations[edit]

Extracting images—mostly wood engravings or copperplate engravings, but also photos and lithos—from scanned public domain books and resources at and the Library of Congress:

  • History of technology in general (17th–20th centuries)
  • History of letterpress printing and the printing press
  • Mining and metallurgy
    • Iron and steel manufacturing (mostly 19th-century)
  • Railroading
  • Random 19th-century wood engravings from books, newspapers, magazines
  • History of Virginia: esp. 17th century (e.g. Jamestown) and the American Civil War
  • Images of Independence Hall in Philadelphia and other early American buildings


  • Photos of Virginia (taken by me)
  • Photos from the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division


TUSC token: d0102e7658773de9b16cb0bcb600e275[edit]

TUSC token: d0102e7658773de9b16cb0bcb600e275