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Photo Bonnie Prétot Jacobi

I'm a retired physician and like to document with my photographs landscapes, architecture and art for Wikipedia. Photography in the family goes back to my great-grandfather Alois Kostner who already, end of the 19th century, documented all the old farmhouses and buildings in Gherdëina. As a child I helped my father in his photolab. The first camera (my father's) was a Rolleicord. The first camera I bought a Miranda Sensorex, Canon powershot then Nikon F3, Nikon D300, D800, D850. Now I shoot with, after I've used the Hasselblad X1D for 5 years the Hasselblad X2D with Hasselblad lenses XCD 4/21 mm, 3,5/45 mm, 4/120 macro. Pretty expensive stuff but some people like to ride on a motorbike, while I like to take pictures.

On a photo-skitrip for Wikimedia on the Sella group

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Wolfgang Moroder

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Rolleicord 1957-1970, Miranda sensorex 1975-1981, Nikon F3 1981, Canon A620 2005, Canon G11 2009, Nikon D300 2009, Nikon D800 2012. From September 14, 2017 Nikon D850. From May 21, 2018 Hasselblad X1D

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"The 4.6 Billion Year Journey of Earth" which is published by Asahi Shinbun Japan.
  • Book Title: David’s Sling. Author: Victoria Coates. Publisher: Encounter Books. Publication Date: August 19th, 2014
  • John Habraken, Andrés Mignucci, Jonathan Teicher ."A Workbook for students of architecture". Published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis in the UK and US 2014 ISBN 978-04-1570-252-2.
  • mural on a wall to help the room and the things in the exhibit feel like they are out of doors in the natural landscape of Arizona. "Horses in American Indian Culture". A student-produced exhibition exploring the historic bond between American Indians of the Southwest and the horse. In the May Gallery, Oct. 3 – May 20.University of San Diego galleries
  • LA CLASSE POLITICA REGIONALE. Il Veneto. Selena Grimaldi e Gianni Riccamboni. © 2018 Padova University Press Università degli Studi di Padova ISBN 978-88-6938-122-5
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  • Cover photo. Aurelio Valente, a cura di, La visione dell'Europa e del suo futuro attraverso gli interventi dei Presidenti della Repubblica italiana Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Giorgio Napolitano, Sergio Mattarella. Il bisogno inderogabile di “più Europa” nelle parole di tre Presidenti della Repubblica. pp. 236 ISBN 978-88-6194-425-1. Foto in prima pagina.
  • Pages 24 and 31. Wild-Wissen Lebensraum - Biologie - Jagd Lernbuch für die Jägerprüfung und Praxis von Südtiroler Jagdverband, 2019 Athesia Tappeiner Verlag ISBN 978-88-6839-332-8
  • video di animazione ai fini della rappresentazione visiva e sonora del Padiglione Italia, in favore del “Commissariato generale di sezione per la partecipazione italiana a expo 2020 Dubai. A cura di Karmachina S.r.l. Milano
  • documentary on the art world in Palermo. Wildside Roma.
  • Massimo Sandal: La malinconia del mammut. Specie estinte e come riportarle in vita. Il Saggiatore 2019. ISBN 9788842826507
  • Weatherwise Magazine July/August 2020 issue.
  • Whispering Gallery, Dorothy Dunnett Society issue 150, March 2021, p. 17.
  • Pages 48-49. Jane Stevenson: ‘’The light of Italy. The Life and Times of Federico da Montefeltro Duke of Urbino’’. An Apollo book, 2021. ISBN 978 18 002 4197 8.
  • Martin Harpf (Hrsg.): ‘’“Teixl, dös isch a prächtige Wand“. Die Tourenbücher der Südtiroler Bergsteigerbrüder Hruschka.‘‘ Bruneck 2021. ISBN 979 12 200 8593 9. Pages 116 and 118.
  • ‘’Quiz ille. Quiztett Römische Autoren’’. Institut für Altertumswissenschaften, Justus Liebig Universität Giessen 2021. Victori Karte.
  • Vittorio Fabris: ‘’La Pieve della Natività di Maria al Borgo di Valsugana’’. Comune di Borgo Valsugana 2021. Page 48.
  • Ivo Rabanser, Edy Rabanser: Scialpinismo in Val Gardena. ViviDolomiti Edizioni 2018. ISBN 978 88 991 0687 4, pages. 124, 136, 140, 145, 150, 152, 154, 158, 164-165 and 196-197.
  • Emanuele Roncalli, Sandra Morelli: Brescia insolita e segreta. Jonglez 2021. ISBN: 978 2 36195 534 2. 150 photos.
  • , Background for the Lyric Video of a hymnn on Youtube
  • "Friedrich II. der Große und die italienische Welt: Politik und Kunst im Zeitalter des aufgeklärten Absolutismus", "Jahrbuch für die Geschichte Mittel- und Ostdeutschlands", 67 (2021), pp. 51-81.
  • Ala Slondra fora per la Val Badia.Uniun Ladins Val Badia ISBN 978 88 88682 69 3 pages 7, 8, 13.
  • Christian Ronchin: Brescia Grand Tour. Edizioni Chartesia, Treviso 2022, ISBN: 978 8899786366. p. 20. 26-27. p. 36-37. p.38. p. 40. p. 41. p. 44-45. p. 47. p. 48. p. 49. p. 52. p. 53. p. 54. p. 55. p. 57. p. 62. p. 63. p.68. p. 72. p. 75. p. 81. p. 90. p. 94-95. p. 96. p. 100. p. 101. p. 102-103. p. 105. p. 115. p. 116. p. 120-121. p. 123. p. 172. p. 176.
  • Harvard course on global warming.
  • Adriano Marinetti: Il vetro e il fuoco. Società Cooperativa Muranese Mista, Venezia 2023, pag. 22.


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Spent years: Italy (Südtirol,Tuscany, Lombardia, Veneto) United States of America
Months: United Kingdom Germany France

Austria the Netherlands Switzerland Spain Greece ) IsraelMalta

Days: Yugoslavia Ireland Syria Uzbekistan
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