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On a photo-skitrip for Wikimedia on the Sella group
This is my userpage

Wolfgang Moroder

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Rolleicord 1957-1970, Miranda sensorex 1975-1981, Nikon F3 1981, Canon A620 2005, Canon G11 2009, Nikon D300 2009, Nikon D800 2012.

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  • St. Paul Ludwig Moroder.jpg Saint Paul. Ed Parish Sanders, Paul. Sterling 2009. Page 30. ISBN 978 1 4027 6885 9.
  • Le Court Altare S. Maria della Salute.jpg Altar S. Maria della Salute Jane L. Stevens Crawshow. Plague Hospitals. Public Health for the City in Early Mordern Venice. Ashgate Publishing Ltd. ISBN 978 0 7546 6958 6. Plate 19. Detail showing the plague.
  • Hof Peza Urtijei.JPG Peza. "Idylle oder Wirklichkeit" from: Michael Forcher, Hans Karl:Südtirol in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Haymon Verlag, Innsbruck2010 Page 417. ISBN 978 3 852186368.
  • Rosary-Madonna-Mersa.jpg Rosary Madonna. "The Rosary, Music of César Franck, freely arranged for organ by Gerard Carter Op. 4". Wensleydale Press Australia 2012, in press.
  • Dressed dutch doll Gröden.jpg Dutch doll from Gröden.jpg. Alessandro Mendini Quali cose siamo. Terza Triennale Design Museum. Electa Milano 2010. Pagina 291 ISBN 8837074743, ISNB 9788837074746
  • Lech dl Dragon bis.JPG Crater on Mëisules Gherdëina.JPG Mëisules y i lec dl Dragon Gherdëina.jpg and more. Sofia Stuflesser. L lech dl Dragon. La Usc di Ladins Nr. 38 September 28, 2012. Page 11.
  • Claraia Clarai Museum Gröden.jpg Earth System History by Steven M. Stanley & John Luczaj to be published by WH Freeman/Macmillan Higher.
"The 4.6 Billion Year Journey of Earth" which is published by Asahi Shinbun Japan.
  • The four tetrachs in Venice - Porphyr stone sculpture general view.JPG Book Title: David’s Sling. Author: Victoria Coates. Publisher: Encounter Books. Publication Date: August 19th, 2014
  • Chiesa del Redentore sulla Giudecca (Venice).jpg John Habraken, Andrés Mignucci, Jonathan Teicher ."A Workbook for students of architecture". Published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis in the UK and US 2014 ISBN-13: 978-0415702522.
  • View on SR 98 Arizona.jpg mural on a wall to help the room and the things in the exhibit feel like they are out of doors in the natural landscape of Arizona. "Horses in American Indian Culture". A student-produced exhibition exploring the historic bond between American Indians of the Southwest and the horse. In the May Gallery, Oct. 3 – May 20.University of San Diego galleries


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15 countries


Spent years: Italy (Südtirol,Tuscany, Lombardia, Veneto) United States of America
Months: United Kingdom Germany France

Austria the Netherlands Switzerland Spain Greece ) IsraelMalta

Days: Yugoslavia Ireland Syria Uzbekistan
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Danke dass Du Commons mit Südtirol Bilder bebilderst. Danke für die vielen QL-Bilder. Steinsplitter (talk) 19:28, 2 August 2012 (UTC)


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Taxa name[edit]

Hi, Moroder, this butterfly is a Zygaena species. For a precise identification please visit the relevant category on Wikimedia. All the best.--Zcebeci (talk) 13:44, 29 September 2016 (UTC)