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Mostafa Meraji, born on September 30, 1361, has been working professionally in the field of photography since 1385. He has served as a photography instructor and was a former photographer for various newspapers and news agencies. Since 2017, he has been actively contributing to Wikipedia and has been publishing his photographs under the CC license. His photographs have been selected as winners in several commemorative competitions.

Achievements and Awards:

- Winner of the best photo of Deir-e-gachin Caravanserai at the Wikipedia Commemorative Festival in Iran.

- Two of his photos were selected among the top ten photos in the Wiki Loves Monuments competition in Georgia.

- Participated in the Wiki Loves Science Lovers Festival in Iran, reaching the finals with over twenty of his photos and being a finalist.

Currently, Mostafa Meraji has over 20,000 photos from various countries worldwide, including Georgia, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Oman. Some of these photos are not artistically significant but are valuable as documentary evidence. He decided to contribute them to Wikipedia to enrich its encyclopedia content.

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