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My name is Marianne Perdomo.

I have too many activities for 24 hours in the day but like to contribute to Commons, open efforts as I can. An easy way for me is photos, of which most I have on open licenses. Most of my online photos are in my Ipernity account. I also have a Flickr account, but I'm no longer pro there and won't be uploading much. I also have a es.wikipedia account: mperdomo. I live in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, so most of my photos reflect that. I'll try to find missing spots that I can contribute to.

At the moment I've been trying to fill gaps in places in Gran Canaria, and in Flora of the Canary Islands.

I'm interested in nature, both wild and domesticated. And also in history. I do historical re-enactment with the SCA group in Spain, Alcaçar de Brioga.

I'm new here, so if you find my ways are "improvable" (or just plain wrong), please let me know. :)