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About me
sv Jag talar svenska som modersmål. Not a chocolate moose!
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If I don't respond in a timely manner, please try visiting my Wikipedia talkpage.            Commonshelper       Why commercial use?       Vehicle reg template       Media to be moved       upload derivative

Here are all the photos/files I have created myself (currently 5952, a total which excludes photos which were Flickr mined - my main preoccupation for many years). This direct link shows all of my uploads, whether I took the original photo or not.

Fotki licensing and review add: {{Cc-by-2.5}} and {{License review}}

 Delete - {{vd}}
 Keep - {{vk}}

Template:Flickr-change-of-license {{GPS EXIF}}

Code for copy&paste for passed Flickrreview:
{{Flickrreview|{{subst:REVISIONUSER}}|{{subst:#time: Y-m-d }}}}

vehicle registration template