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The woods are lovely, dark and deep

       But I have promises to keep
       And miles to go before I sleep
       And miles to go before I sleep
                                                Robert Frost

I am working at University of Zagreb, Croatia. I have studied electrical engineering and computing. Born in 1969, and graduated in 1993, done little useful work since then, except for cleaning mountains from garbage, which I am proud of.

Movie instead of GIF of 3-phase motor animation[edit]

Nice work on the animated GIF at Wikimedia, Todorov (and the other stuff too). Any chance you can put this up somewhere as a movie in some usual format other than .gif?

Pazouzou 02:15, 10 June 2007 (UTC)

Nice, but unhelpful !!![edit]

The image of a how a 3-phase motor works "looks" nice, but does almost nothing to explain anything. Please label the parts, including what is moving and what is stationary, and explain what the 3 arrows indicate (if they are the electric vectors, which arrow originates from which part of the illustration???).

Regarding Distortion of Modified Image Size[edit]

If you add white canvas to the height of the image to make the image totally square (320 px x 320 px) using Photoshop, Fireworks etc., then no matter which browser is changing the image size, the image won't distort.