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A tool to upload large batches of Flickr files. Could be a local pywikipedia based bot or a web based bot.


  1. Fire up the tool and specify a set of files to work on
  2. See a global window and for each file a window.
  3. Fill out fields for files and press "queue" to add the file to the queue or "skip" to ignore the file
  4. File gets uploaded

Global and local[edit]

  • The tool should have a global and a per file part.
  • If a field is set in the global part and is set in the local part, the local field should be used.
  • If a field is set in the global part and is left empty in the local part, the global field should be used.
  • Would be nice to copy fields from previous/next file.


  • Filename
    • Somehow derive from flickr title, can of course be overridden.
    • Check for name collisions
    • Would be nice to have some automatic counter to not have duplicate filenames.
  • Original source (could be set automaticly)
  • Author(s) (link to flickr user page)
  • Date of the work (Taken on "XX" uploaded to flickr on "XX"?)
    • Take flickr upload date into account
    • Take date in exif into account
  • Description (langs) (pull from flickr)
  • Other versions (less important, leave it out)
  • Permission
    • Tag for flickrreview
    • Flickrreview it with a certain username
    • Not free at flickr, need OTRS-permission
  • Additional info: Other templates etc
  • Licensing - Copy from flickr or override (needs otrs)
  • Categories
    • From tags
    • From category auto completion tool

Would be nice to update one or more fields for a subset of images.


Existing tools to learn from:

  • Special:Upload (main upload form)
  • Commonplace
  • Commonist
  • Flickr upload bot - The standard upload bot. Makes uploading with all the correct info much easier.
  • Flickr2Commons - This one is faster than the main Flickr upload bot (which can move really slowly occasionally and takes more clicks as it requires you to edit the image page), however a TUSC login is needed here and it adds a bunch of useless and redundant categories (but this one automatically adds geolocation information).
  • FlickrLickr - A collaborative vetting process for selecting free (Creative Commons CC-BY) photos from Flickr, improving their metadata, and uploading them to Commons. No longer maintained and no new accounts will be created.
  • Flinfo - For people who want to upload Flickr pictures by themselves.