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Just some notes. Multichill (talk) 18:08, 16 April 2011 (UTC)

(feel free to add and/or improve)

en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Historic sites#Historic registers covered contains a nice list

United Kingdom[edit]

en:Listed building and en:Scheduled monument divided by country (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). Let's focus on Listed Buildings.



  • en:Listed buildings in Wales (very incomplete)
  • Who is in charge? "Welsh Historic Monuments" (can't find their site right now) - you want Cadw
  • A couple of months ago I couldn't find anything, now I found :-)
    • NUMBER - id field, can't link to the real site, can link to
    • REFERENCE - not sure?
    • AUTHORITY - county? (look up what it is exactly)
    • COMMUNITY - what village it is
    • NAME - name, sometimes empty
    • POST_CODE - mostly empty, probably dropping
    • LISTED_AS - often same as name or empty, probably dropping
    • LOCALITY - near what place, often empty, probably dropping
    • NUMBER0 - number in the street, often empty
    • SIDE - NSEW
    • LOCATION - description of the location
    • EASTINGS - conversion code above
    • NORTHINGS - per above
    • LISTED - when it was listed, dropping
    • AMENDED - when it was amended, dropping
    • GRADE - the grade
    • PARK - if it's in a park, dropping
    • PARK_NAME - the name of the park, dropping
    • CHECKED - dunno, dropping
    • CATEGORY - dunno, dropping
    • COMPILEDBY - who made it, dropping
    • AMENDED_BY - who changed it, dropping
  • Again copyright. Cadw (Welsh Historic Monuments) - executive agency of the Welsh Assembly Government, so automatically {{OGL}}


  • en:Listed buildings in Scotland (very incomplete on Wikipedia right now)
  • There are around 47,400 listed buildings in Scotland. Approximately 8 per cent are in Category A, 51 per cent in Category B and the remainder in Category C(S). From [1]
  • Unique identifier "HB Number".
  • Incomplete, would be a nice project
  • Data is available as a database (esri file, get the dbf file and open it in Open Office).
  • Database seems to be protected by (crown) copyright making it currently off limits for Wikipedia
  • Database had the following fields:
    • HBNUM, identifier for the listing. Multiple rows can have the same id (7 houses are a grouped listin?) (KEEP, primkey id field)
    • COUNAME, the county (KEEP)
    • PARBUR, that's short for? Something to do with parishes? (KEEP)
    • ITEMNO, not exactly clear (DROP)
    • NP_TEXT, grouping? Not clear (DROP)
    • ADDRESS, more a description of the location. Seems to be attached to the HBNUM (KEEP, for address field)
    • ENTITY_ID, an unique id to define an entity. For example a house. Seems to be unique (DROP)
    • ENTITY_REF, bit like ADDRESS, but more precise (DROP)
    • CATEGORY, A/B/C(S), the listed building category (KEEP)
    • GROUPCAT, a group of listed buildings can also be listed A or B (DROP)
    • LISTDATE1, date of first listing? (KEEP)
    • LISTDATE2, a date, but not clear what it indicates exactly (DROP)
    • X, coordinate, have to look up what system they use (per entity) (KEEP, but convert lat/lon)
    • Y, coordinate, have to look up what system they use (per entity) (KEEP, but convert lat/lon)
    • ACCURACY, how accurate X & Y are? (DROP)
    • NUMLINK, an integer, not unique, not clear what it's used for (DROP)
    • LB_DOC,<HBNUM> (DROP, already have it)
  • Include every entity or just per HBNUM? (my feeling says per entity, but that's probably incompatible with the other parts of the UK) : Just HBNUM
  • Copyright: Historic Scotland - executive agency of the Scottish Executive, so automatically {{OGL}}

Northern Ireland[edit]

United States[edit]





French Polynesia[edit]

South Africa[edit]

The South African Heritage Resources Agency seems to be in charge. Their website is located at , but looks like it hasn't been updated since 2006. Their database is located at . 3400 listings? Looks very good! Should be contacted at info @ . More info at .

LouriePieterse got the database and I got a copy. The fields are:

  • guid - Seems to be a unique id (integer))
  • SiteReference - Things like "9/2/256/0041" or "9/2/228/241/1". Seems to be unique. Not sure what it is exactly
  • Site/object name - The name, often includes the address
  • Province - The province name. Doesn't seem to be in line with the wp article ("Cape")
  • Name - Name, sometimes better than Site/object name
  • Location - Town/street, sometimes empty
  • Magisterial district - Some sort of subdivision, haven't found the wp article yet
  • Urban - Y/N (DROP)
  • Town - The name of the town
  • Suburb - Suburb of the town
  • Street - Street name, sometimes empty
  • Street number - Street number, sometimes empty
  • Erf number - Some number probably referencing an external entitiy
  • Farm number - Some number probably referencing an external entitiy
  • Portion - Remain something
  • Farmname - Sometimes name of a farm
  • Latitude - Lat (KEEP)
  • Longitude - Lon (KEEP)
  • Significance - Extended description, probably suitable for an article (DROP)
  • NHRA status - Type of status
  • NMC status - Type of status
  • Gazette number - Looks like the id of the gazette in which it got listed. Maybe as a reference to ?
  • Gazette date - Looks likde the data of the gazette in which it got listed
  • Chapter type - Mostly "structure" (DROP)
  • Sub type - House/church/... empty (DROP)
  • Current use - How it is used now, mostly empty (DROP)
  • Previous uses - Sometimes filled (DROP)
  • Access - How to get in (DROP)
  • Directions - How to get there (DROP)
  • Military - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Religious - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Educational - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Mining - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Transport - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Residential - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Financial - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Retail - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Agricultural - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Commercial - Boolean (FALSE/TRUE) (DROP)
  • Municipal name - Sometimes it contains a name (DROP)
  • Architectural style - Sometimes contains the style (DROP)
  • Designer - Sometimes contains the designer (DROP)
  • History - Blob of text, good for an article (DROP)
  • Visual description - How does it look? Good for an article (DROP)

Czech Republic[edit]