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Pinterest is a nice site to share good pictures. It would be a good platform to promote Wikimedia Commons. It would especially good to reach potential female editors (according to the Wikipedia article Pinterest has a high percentage of active female users). A lot of images from Wikimedia Commons are already shared [1] and a Wikimedia Commons account has already been setup [2]. This account should be used to post regular updates of our best images. Some possibilities:

My preference would be just one POTD per day and maybe some other pictures on special occasions.

Whatever we choose, updating should be automated. Pinterest seems to have an api, but it's not fully functional (write is disabled). With an api it should be pretty straightforward to write a bot to do a daily update of Pinterest. The bot would:

  • Figure out the picture of the day
  • Get the image url
  • Get the image description (i18n?)
  • Post it to Pinterest

Without an api this is also possible, but that would involve a bit more trouble (screen scraping).