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This is my main user page.-- Mumia-w-18 01:53, 7 November 2007 (UTC)



46c / Forever[edit]

New England Costal Lighthouses

Bonsai Stamps

Apples Stamps 33c

Vintage Seed

Sealed with Love

Holy Family

Love Ribbons

Ronald Reagan

Save Vanishing Species 55c

Mercury Project


John H. Johnson

New Stamps & Misc.[edit]

Tuffed Puffin Stamp 86c

Arlington Green Bridge (Priority Mail)

George Washington 20c

Wedding Cake 66c

One Dollar Waves of Color

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Music pages[edit]

After This:

Alpha and Omega:

I Can Go To The Rock:

I Give Myself Away:

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Additional notes[edit]

  • "Tesla Engine Plans." Popular Science. September 1955.
  • Tesla, PNG Inc. Munsing, MI.
    • Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.
    • Patents:
    • Fluid Propulsion: 1,061,142
    • Turbine: 1,061,206

Patent list[edit]

  1. Ignition (Gnginion) Steamcell (GRAFIK)
    EIEE 03, 1000 cc, 3-cylinder
    220 hp w/ceramic cylinders (?)
    Diamond coating = DLC
    SKODA FABIA automobile
  2. US Patent 6,829,894 Steamcell
  3. Duble, Brothers ABNER
    1,298,184 (Mar 25, 1919)
  4. Quasiturbine patents
    QT-SC configured as steam engine
  5. Cyclone Steam
    7,080,512 and others pending
  6. Steamcell = Amovls GmbH
    Caloric Porous Structure Cell (CPSC)

Patent list summary[edit]

6,829,894 Steamcell


6,164,263 Quasiturbine

6,899,075 Quasiturbine

7,080,512 Steamcell

Katie Souza blocked healing[edit]

Matt 10 -- annointing

Eph 6:12 -- order, ranks of kingdom of darkness: Kings, powers, master spirits

1 Samuel 17 -- David and Goliath

Remove the headship first

Collasians 2

Mark 3:27 -- bind the strongman

John 14:12 -- steadfastly believe in Jesus of healing

Spend 5 months totally focused on Jesus

Soak your soul-man in the light of Jesus

Fast 40 days in the desert.

Put on the armor of God.

Gen. 1:9 -- man has dominion over the earth including things in the second heaven. We speak to them and release our dominion over them.

Isaiah 14 -- Jesus will break the septre of the tyrant rulers. Say that you are cutting the heads off the kings just as David did to Goliath.

You need a king killer annointing. (Bethel Church in CA?)