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About Me[edit]

Rockin' my shades

MyNameWasTaken, a.k.a. Benjamin Tarsa, is a master's candidate in the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He is currently a staff member at the Saylor Foundation ([1]) and the resident wiki-guy there. The Saylor Foundation is currently exploring working to "Wikify" some or all of our course content for use on Wikiversity, so please reach out to me on my Talk page if you are interested in assisting us to discover how that is possible! We currently feature 241 peer-reviewed courses created by professionals, all of which draw extensively on openly-licensed materials suitable for use in WikiMedia Foundation projects. Along with creating learning projects here on Wikiversity, I'd love to hear any ideas or suggestions for how we can share our materials with any and all of the Wikimedia project communities.

MyNameWasTaken is a Wikipedia Campus Ambassador. His previous experience with Wikipedia is limited to the occasional fixing of typos, removal of minor additive vandalism, new page patrolling, and assisting students to create Wikipedia pages within the US Education Program.

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