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My name is Tony. I'm an undergraduate and Wikipedia contributor from Nairobi,Kenya but currently residing in Seoul. The majority of my contributions concern the new system of governance in Kenya. The new Counties of Kenya and such. The reason why I began editing on Wikipedia is that when edits to African related topics are done, they are either done by people who most likely know very little about Africa or people who may not really care as much as to what they post just as long as they post something, while really not caring as much as a person from Africa would. Most of the times Africa is depicted as having numerous problems which can't be said to be untrue but rather only one side of the story. I believe Africa deserves more justice and people need to learn more about the place.

I write in British English and edit Wikipedia with OS X.

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This my Wikipedia Commons user page, not an encyclopaedia article. If you find this page on any site other than Wikipedia, you are viewing a mirror site. I have no personal affiliation with Wikipedia or any other site.

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