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Nation kingdom[edit]

Anas Takiyudin Mohd Anuar. Born on October 25th, 1985 in Terengganu Malaysia.

I believe a camera is essentially as a painting tools to a painter. Regardless of what kind of brush does he has, the way he sways his brush and paint defines the art within a canvas.

My Gear[edit]

I do not preferring DSLR much, bringing several lens kits quite hesitation for me. Not to mention the price.

I want to be different and prefer underdog brand; so I got my self:

  • Fuji S100FS
  • Fuji S1500 --> Massive zoom yet I can use it one hand, perfect snap while driving!
  • BENQ DC540

And other accessory & 35mm:

Fuji S100FS Fuji S1500 Yashica FX-3 35mm


Petronas Twin Towers surrounded by fog, Malaysia
Sunset view in Rawang, Malaysia
Second Sunset view in Rawang, Malaysia
Genting Skyway in Genting Highland, Malaysia
Cultural dance performance in Taman Mini Malaysia
An image of a house fly eye surface by using Scanning Electron Microscope at X450 magnification
Nephila clavata, a Golden Orb-Web Spider
Oriental Garden Lizard
Soft focus effect using Photoshop
Red Bougainvillea in Malaysia
Twin Pioneer CC.Mk 1 Undercarriage
Pratt & Whitney R-1340 on Twin Pioneer
A Famosa sanitary sewer line remains
A Famosa watchtower reconstruction
Heavily decorated bicycle rickshaw in Melaka
Toyota Corolla TE71 drift in MME Melaka
Toyota Corolla TE71 vs. Nissan Silvia drift in MME Melaka
First TUDM aircraft "Lang Rajawali" FM1064 Twin Pioneer

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